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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Nyctaginaceae
Higher classification  Nyctaginaceae
Order  Caryophyllales
Scientific name  Boerhavia
Rank  Genus
Boerhavia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons00
Lower classifications  Boerhavia diffusa, Boerhavia coccinea, Boerhavia intermedia, Boerhavia wrightii, Boerhavia coulteri

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Boerhavia is a genus of over 100 species in the four o'clock flower family, Nyctaginaceae. Some species are annuals and others perennials. In habit they generally are herbaceous.


Boerhavia Boerhavia Wikipedia

Common names include spiderlings and hogweeds. "Spiderling" refers to the appearance of those species that bear inflorescences on numerous long, slender stems, interlocking in a manner suggestive of a spider or spider's web.

Boerhavia Boerhavia diffusa Wikipedia

The genus was named for Herman Boerhaave, a Dutch botanist, and the genus name is frequently misspelled "Boerhaavia".

Boerhavia species generally are native to warm tropical regions.

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Selected species

Boerhavia Boerhavia diffusa L Species India Biodiversity Portal
  • Boerhavia anisophylla Torr. – wineflower
  • Boerhavia coccinea P.Mill. – scarlet spiderling
  • Boerhavia coulteri (Hook.f.) S.Wats. - Coulter spiderling, Coulter's spiderling
  • Boerhavia diffusa L. – red spiderling
  • Boerhavia dominii Meikle & Hewson – tah-vine
  • Boerhavia erecta L. – erect spiderling
  • Boerhavia gracillima Heimerl – slim-stalk spiderling, slimstalk spiderling
  • Boerhavia herbstii Fosberg – alena
  • Boerhavia intermedia M.E.Jones – five-wing spiderling, fivewing spiderling
  • Boerhavia linearifolia Gray – narrowleaf spiderling
  • Boerhavia mathisiana F.B.Jones – Mathis' spiderling
  • Boerhavia megaptera Standl. – annual spiderling, Tucson Mountain spiderling
  • Boerhavia pterocarpa S.Wats. – Apache Pass spiderling
  • Boerhavia purpurascens Gray – purple spiderling
  • Boerhavia repens L.
  • Boerhavia scandens L. – climbing spiderling, climbing wartclub, wishbone vine
  • Boerhavia spicata Choisy – creeping spiderling
  • Boerhavia triquetra S.Wats. – slender spiderling
  • Boerhavia wrightii Gray – Wright's boerhavia
  • Agricultural and horticultural significance

    Boerhavia Boerhavia diffusa L Species India Biodiversity Portal

    Several species of Boerhavia are of importance as agricultural and horticultural weeds. Some are valued as forage for grazing livestock, and some, such as Boerhavia erecta, also are of use as human food and folk medicine.

    Boerhavia Boerhavia diffusa
    Boerhavia Boerhavia repens Useful Tropical Plants


    Boerhavia Wikipedia

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