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Bodhisattva (film)

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Director  San Banarje
Bodhisattva (film) movie poster
Release date  2010

Bodhisattva movie trailer with english subs

Bodhisattva is a 2010 independent film directed by San Banarje and written by Trisha Ray and San Banarje. The film stars Soumitra Chatterjee in the title role and Trisha Ray as his daughter. The film was shot in seven days and edited in a month. The world premiere of film was on 19 April 2010 at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival where it won the Platinum Remi Award.


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Maya (Trisha Ray) has not been able to forgive her father Bodhisattva (Soumitra Chatterjee) for her mother's death. So when she comes home from USA after a long time, instead of staying with him, she puts up with an old classmate Anu (Miska Halim) and her husband Avik (San Banarje). What begins as a fun visit, soon turns into a psychological battle between the trio and peaks to a shattering climax. A story about human relationships encircling ego, pride, power and obsession, the film takes a look at urban India with its modern family setup.


The film starts with Avik (San Banarje) being interrogated by a police investigator in a police station in Calcutta, India. The investigator asks him about the guest who was staying with him and his wife Anu for a couple of weeks and Avik tells him, her name is Maya and her father's name is Bodhisattva.

Through the next hour, we are introduced to the very mysterious Maya (Trisha Ray) whose frequent visits with her business tycoon father Bodhisattva (Soumitra Chatterjee) reveal the equally mysterious relationship between the two. Slowly we learn that Maya has not been able to forgive her father for her mother's death and that is the reason she does not stay with him while visiting India from USA. As she continues to live with Anu and her husband Avik, we are exposed to her attraction toward Avik that disbalances the otherwise harmonious co-habitation of the couple.

Meantime, Avik, an aspiring filmmaker continues to find producers for his new screenplay and meets Producer Roy (Biswajit Chakraborty) who takes a liking to him because of his interest in soccer and particularly in the legendary football star Diego Maradona whose picture on Roy's desk amuses Avik. Roy pressurizes Avik to make changes to his artistic script to make it more commercial.

At home, Maya alleges Anu of cheating on Avik, thereby causing more rift in the family, and finally is asked to leave their home. When Avik does not give in to her moves, a devastated Maya turns to Bodhisattva for advise. Bodhisattva tells her "Defeat is not an option" and urges her to do whatever is necessary to prove to him that she is his worthy daughter. However, when she acts according to her father's want, a furious Bodhisattva turns her away, calling her 'weak' and 'at fault.' An argument follows between the father and daughter that leads to a buried past.

The investigator follows Avik's directions and goes to Bodhisattva's house in search of Maya. The film ends with more revelations that leaves him speechless.


  • Soumitra Chatterjee as Bodhisattva
  • Trisha Ray as Maya
  • San Banarje as Avik
  • Mishka Halim as Anu
  • Biswajit Chakraborty as Producer Roy
  • Sankar Roy Chowdhury as Bar Owner Anjan
  • Dibyaroop Roy as Gun Dealer
  • Sambhu Munshi as Bodhisattva's Landlord
  • Film festivals and awards

    Bodhisattva went on to win seven awards and several nominations in many national and international film festivals including Houston, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Mexico, and Spain.


    The only music piece used in Bodhisattva is an opera piece 'Questo Amor,' composed and performed by Welsh musician Paul Carey Jones.


    Bodhisattva (film) Wikipedia

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