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Bobbie Pryor

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Name  Bobbie Pryor                                           Birth Year  1973 (Age 46)                                           
Bobbie Pryor with Graham Norton
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Bobbie pryor from BBC Radio 2, Caesar The Boogieman & Ian Collins - Cinderella 21 Feb 91

Bobbie Pryor is a British radio presenter who currently reads the traffic news on BBC Radio 2 on weekday afternoons and weekends.


Pryor has previously worked as Venus on Invicta FM co-presenting the 9pm to 1am show in the early 1990s with Chris Ryder (during his Caesar The Boogieman days) and later with his replacement Ian Collins this time under her real name. From 1998 until 1999 she presented The Academy on Wire FM, a one-hour Saturday evening programme which was co-presented by media students at Warrington College, and also did occasional swing shifts.

Sally Boazman, Lynne Bowles, Fran Godfrey, Janey Lee Grace, Bobbie Pryor and Rebecca Pike


Bobbie was born in 1973. 

She currently reads traffic news on BBC Radio 2.

She was previously working as Venus on Invicta FM.

She presented The Academy on Wire FM from 1998 to 1999.

Early life

During an on-air conversation, Bobby revealed to ZoĆ« Ball, who was filling in for Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 on 14 May 2009, that her mother had taken her two sisters and her on the road with a small one pole tented circus, in 1976. 

She was an acrobatic act with her sisters, later becoming a low wire act and contortionist herself. Her sisters on the high wire. 

Bobbie said it was hard work but enjoyable. 

The travelling life may have made it difficult to settle in one place. 

Bobbie was born in 1973. This fact was told to Richard Madeley on April 11, 2011, at 08.15 am on BBC Radio 2.


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