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Country  Brazil
State  Santa Catarina
Founded  September 2, 1850

Population  309,214 (2007)
Area  519.837 km2
Region  South
Blumenau in the past, History of Blumenau

University  Universidade Regional de Blumenau
Mayor  Napoleao Bernardes (2013-2017)

Map of Blumenau

Blumenau is a city in Vale do Itajaí, state of Santa Catarina, in the South Region of Brazil. It is 130 km (81 mi) away from the state capital of Florianópolis.


Blumenau Beautiful Landscapes of Blumenau

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The city was founded on September 2, 1850, by Dr. Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau along with seventeen German immigrants. Later arrivals include biologist and early proponent of Darwinian Evolution, Fritz Müller.


As of 2006, Blumenau had an estimated population of 302,000 people, with an area of 519 km² (200 sq mi). The main ethnic origin of the city inhabitants are German and Italian. The city displays many historical and cultural reminders of their heritage, such as houses and other buildings built in a traditional German style, statues, and memorials.

Blumenau, compared to other Brazilian cities, has a very high standard of living, with a Human Development Index of 0.855 as of 2000.

Ethnic composition

Source: IBGE 2000.


IBGE. Census 2000.


The city is located in a valley bisected by the Itajaí-Açu River, surrounded by hills with forests. The lower areas, including towers and tall buildings in the city center, constantly suffer from the threat of floods. Blumenau's first recorded flood took place in the dawn on September 23, 1880. The worst took place in 1983 and 1984, when the city was completely isolated for weeks. Today, Blumenau is well-prepared against such threats, but many citizens prefer to live in higher areas spread into the nearby hills and plains to avoid flooding. However, this planning could not avoid an even worse flooding in late November 2008, that killed over 100 and forced thousands to evacuate.


The climate of Blumenau is considered to be subtropical, a climate of transition between the predominantly tropical climate of Brazil and the predominantly temperate climate of Argentina. Under the Köppen climate classification, the city has a warm, humid subtropical climate.

Blumenau, like the entire state of Santa Catarina is located south of the Tropic of Capricorn; therefore it is mild in the winter with temperatures averaging 16.6 °C (61 °F) and warm and humid in the summer with temperatures averaging around 30 °C (87 °F). In July 23, 2013 the downtown of the city got a snow-rain mix and higher neighborhoods had accumulating snow.


Blumenau's main economic activity is still the textile industry, responsible for large manufacturers such as Cia. Hering, Karsten and Teka.

Another area of focus is that of information technology, and the city the headquarters of the so-called Valley of the software, and many software leaders in its segment, some of whom were born in Blusoft and Instituto Gene, incubators of companies in the sector.

Blumenau is also emphasized in other industrial sectors such as metallurgical, mechanical and electrical equipment.

It has a strong economy, boosted by strong trade, service and tourism events, with exhibitions of international projection, which are generally held in Vila Germânica (Germanic Ville Park). Additionally, a new but rapidly expanding market is the production of beer craft, such as Eisenbahn.


Even though Blumenau has its own airport, normally passengers use scheduled flights operated from Ministro Victor Konder International Airport, located in the nearby municipality of Navegantes. Gol Airlines and Azul Brazilian Airlines offer for its passengers free bus transfers between Navegantes and Blumenau at regular times.


The Blumenau's Tourism Department maintains four tour routes covering different aspects of the city. Besides these, there's the festival of the municipality. Also, the Oktoberfest of Blumenau, held every October, which attracts over a million tourists every year.


Blumenau has 2 districts and 33 neighbourhoods:

Notable inhabitants

  • Eduarda Amorim, handball player
  • Emílio Henrique Baumgart, architect
  • Hermann Blumenau, founder of the city
  • Martin Drewes, Luftwaffe ace during World War II
  • Vera Fischer, actress
  • Evandro Goebel, football player
  • Urda Alice Klueger, writer
  • João Geraldo Kuhlmann, botanist
  • Christian Maicon Hening, football player
  • Fritz Müller, biologist
  • André Sá, tennis player
  • Rafael Schmitz, Lille OSC football player
  • Tiago Splitter, Professional basketball player (San Antonio Spurs contracted)
  • Mariana Weickert, model
  • Jean Carlo Witte, soccer player
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