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Blond crested woodpecker

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Piciformes
Genus  Celeus
Higher classification  Celeus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Picidae
Scientific name  Celeus flavescens
Rank  Species

Similar  Celeus, Woodpecker, Bird, Pale‑crested woodpecker, White‑barred piculet

Blond crested woodpecker

The blond-crested woodpecker (Celeus flavescens) is a species of bird in the family Picidae, the woodpeckers, piculets and wrynecks. It is found in Brazil, southeastern Paraguay, and extreme northeastern Argentina. A small disjunct population occurs at the Amazon River mouth and upstream, including the southern part of Ilha de Marajo. The ochre-backed woodpecker is often considered a subspecies.


Blond-crested woodpecker Blondcrested Woodpecker Celeus flavescens videos photos and

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical dry shrubland, and heavily degraded former forest.

Blond crested woodpecker celeus flavescens wild birds

Range: Cerrado and Caatinga

Blond-crested woodpecker Overview Blondcrested Woodpecker Celeus flavescens

In eastern and southeastern South America, the blond-crested woodpecker ranges in eastern and central portions of the cerrado; it is also in most of the caatinga. A small range of the bird, (disjunct), occurs at the mouth of the Amazon River and upstream for 800 km in the Amazon Basin; the range also covers the southern parts of Marajó Island.

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