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Release date(s)  iPad: July 26, 2013
Developer  Linden Lab
Platform  iOS

Initial release date  26 July 2013
Publisher  Linden Lab
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Genre(s)  Physics-based Sandbox game
Similar  Open world games, Other games


Blocksworld is a physics-based, 3D sandbox video game for the iPad and later in 2016 the iPhone released by Second Life creator Linden Lab.


Blocksworld Blocksworld YouTube

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Blocksworld Blocksworld HD Making the blocks world blockster fat YouTube

In Blocksworld, players can create their own games and experiences from 3D building blocks that can be combined to construct simple or complex creations in unique 3D environments. Players can also use “action blocks” and a drag-and-drop visual programming tool to add interactivity and gaming to their creations. Examples include drivable cars, flyable jets, and playable games with win/loss conditions, health systems, and other attributes. Due to the creative and building aspects of Blocksworld, some game critics have compared the game to Minecraft, Roblox, and Lego.

Blocksworld Blocksworld Play amp Build Fun 3D Games on the App Store

In this free-to-download app, players can share and play their creations with other Blocksworld players around the world. Coin rewards serve as in-game currency that can be earned as player creations are liked by the community or featured within the game. These coins can also be purchased and used to buy a variety of themed building “sets” including original offerings, such as Heroes of Aero, City Blocks, and Star Rangers. There are also officially-licensed set themes based on established properties such as My Little Pony, Transformers, Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, and G.I. Joe.

Blocksworld Blocksworld Play amp Build Fun 3D Games on the App Store

Other game features include weekly build challenges and a “record and share” feature that enables players to instantly upload videos of their creations or gameplay to YouTube.*

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    Certain blocks have a bronze, silver, or gold ring around them that symbolizes how special they are. The blocks are sorted into categories known as blocks, models, props, textures, colors, blocksters, gear, action blocks, actions and sounds. Blocksters are blocksworld humans, that are in different kinds. Models are made by blocksworld but can also be made by the player. Action blocks are blocks with their own actions, although other blocks may have unique actions as well. Actions are placed in a panel with infinite space to store all actions needed although colors, textures, and sounds can be placed in the panel as well.

    Loads of players create games and models to share.


    Blocksworld Blocksworld YouTube

    Blocksworld was initially developed by Swedish independent video game developer Boldai, which was acquired by U.S.-based Linden Lab in early 2013. An earlier version of the game was briefly available in 2012 in Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Norway. However, for the subsequent global release, the game was repositioned as a freemium offering where players have the option to purchase premium sets and games, additional building objects and pieces, coins, and other upgrades and extras for a small fee.

    Virtual coins serve as the in-game currency, which can be either purchased via the in-app shop or rewarded through various community actions such as having creations liked by other players.

    Players have the option to pay 6.99 (US) or (CAD) dollars for Blocksworld Premium, which gives an infinite amount of designated blocks.


    Since its initial U.S. release, Blocksworld has reached number one on iTunes in the Education category for the iPad (U.S.) and number three in the overall Games category for the iPad (U.S.). In addition, the game has found high visibility on YouTube with over 45,000 user-created gameplay videos.


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