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Bliss (TV series)

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No. of seasons

Original network
Final episode date
4 April 2004

Number of seasons


Country of origin

No. of episodes

First episode date
21 March 2002

Number of episodes

Oxygen, Showcase

Bliss (TV series) httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM

Cara PifkoKelly RicardAndrew TarbetAllen AltmanThea Gill

Running time
30 min (including commercials)

Jessica Greco, Thea Gill, Cara Pifko, Stephanie Morgenstern, Victoria Sanchez

Durham County, Naked Josh, The Foundation, KinK, Cra$h & Burn

Bliss is a Canadian-produced, half-hour dramatic television series, produced by Montreal-based Galafilm and Toronto-based Back Alley Films, an anthology of women's erotica. The series ran from 2002 to 2004.


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The format of the show—short, sensual vignettes adapted for television—aired on Oxygen in the United States (though heavily edited for American audiences) and Showcase, TMN and Movie Central in Canada. Reruns currently airing on US After Dark, and with Spanish dubbing on Telelatino Network (TLN) as "Cuentos Prohibidos" (roughly translates as "Forbidden Tales") in Canada. The series is distributed by Oasis International in Toronto.

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This Showcase Original Series explores erotic desires, passions and fantasies of women from a female perspective, with the episodes themselves directed and written by women.

Season One

1. Valentine's Day in Jail A woman falls in love with an inmate after she is assigned by her company to commission an article written by him.

2. Six Days A rugged country housewife has a torrid affair with a hired ranch hand after her husband is hospitalized after an injury.

3. Guys and Dolls A business woman meets a mysterious business man at a bar with the intentions of a no strings attached sexual fling. Their relationship becomes too close for comfort when they realize they have more in common professionally than merely sexually.

4. The Value of X A soon to be high school graduate experiments with sexuality and gender expression.

5. Voice A woman begins having paranormal experiences after being in a relationship with a married man. She becomes haunted by the apparition of his current wife. The tables are turned when she begins yearning for the touch of his wife than the actual arms of the married man she loves.

6. Leaper A struggling writer weighed down with depression is attacked by a disturbed and helpless young girl. The writer is in shock as she meets the lover of the frightened girl unbeknownst to the writer at the time of meeting. The writer and the young girl's older lover engage in a lesbian's sexual encounter.

7. The Footpath of Pink Roses A young woman who is into MMA-style self-defense is taken for a loop when her sexual desires take a turn for the primal. Her vanilla boyfriend is conflicted about her desires after she asks him to "force" her to make love to him and suggests they forget it ever happened. She meets a handsome self-defense teacher who helps her express her inner desires to be passionately ravaged by the man of her choosing.

8. In Praise of Drunkenness and Fornication Three couples meet up for a regular dinner party. The couples are each in different phases of life, age wise. There is jealousy that erupts as the older couples are envious of the younger couples. As the night continues the youngest couple leaves. The two older couples are left to drink and maul over hidden desires. The night ends with the two remaining couples switching partners for the evening.

Season Two

1. Three A woman and her two close male friends all live together. They realize over discussing past relationships that maybe there is a reason for them not finding the "one" and that reason might very well be that they belong together, all three of them.

2. Nina's Muse A woman who only finds desire in monogamous love takes a turn for the wild side when she voyeuristically takes images of her male neighbor engaged in gay sex.

3. Cat Got Your Tongue A mature older woman discovers her lust for younger men after encountering her son's hunky new friend Palo (Mark Taylor). Soon she realizes the desire is a very mutual thing between her and this vivacious young man.

4. The Marvellon An older lipstick lesbian meets a young butch drag king who turns her world upside down by pushing her to consider different forms of gender expression in sexual contexts.

5. Chastity A soon to be nun about to take her final vows begins have doubts if she can follow the vow of chastity when she expresses her feelings for her close male friend.

6. Office Management An older business woman disillusioned with romance begins a sexual relationship with a hopelessly romantic younger man.

7. The Piano Tuner A lonely neglected piano playing housewife has a chance encounter with a handsome blind piano tuner.

8. Aural Sex A recently jobless woman becomes enthralled with her boyfriend's erotic radio show. Little does he know she had a hand in writing the scandalous BDSM oriented material he reads week after week and plans on making fantasy become reality in their very own bedroom.

Season Three

1. Tango A recently jobless woman moves into a new town in hope of better work after ending an affair with her married boss and ends up meeting a charming but presumptuous man who she assumes is married. Passions flare as she fights against getting seduced by yet another married man.

2. Penelope and Her Suitors Penelope is a woman that prefers solitude. However, everyone around her thinks she should date or date them. For some reason men are drawn to Penelope and she begins a brief fling with the cable guy. This does not lead Penelope to settle down but to consider men as potential sexual partners and maybe more.

3. Tying Up Gerald A man with a secret BDSM kink of being submissive sees a professional dominatrix behind his wife's back fearing she wouldn't understand his desires. To save her marriage she is taken under the wing of her husband's dominatrix where she learns the art of sexual dominance and the erotic appeal of being sexually submissive.

4. Badness Two straight-laced lawyers face off in a battle of temptation.

5. Amazon A strong masculine woman meets her match in a fellow hockey player. The struggle begins when he realizes she is set on not conforming to traditional feminine behavior just so he will date her.

6. The Arrangement A strong intelligent Indian astrophysicist goings on a date with man who was arranged by her parents to be her future husband. Little does he know that the old way of doing things is far from what she is interested in. She also underestimates his ability to be adaptable to new ideas and experiences outside of old traditional ways.

7. Les Petits Mots A DJ and a book store owner clash over ideology, new technology vs the old way of doing things. The only thing more stimulating than their debates is their fiery passion for each other.

8. Steph's Life For her sociology project, Steph installs a video camera that is hooked up to a website where her kitchen is streaming online 24/7 for the duration of her project. Her boyfriend points out she has a very basic daily routine and that the people who watch her must find it soothing. Despite his approval of her predictable behavior she challenges it by sexualizing her cam show beginning with a kiss between them, following by a sensual strip tease. All of this is easily seen by hundreds of anonymous eyes via the internet.

DVD releases

MTI Home Video has released all three seasons on DVD in Region 1.


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