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Kingdom  Animalia
Infraorder  Blephariceromorpha
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Family
Suborder  Nematocera
Scientific name  Blephariceridae
Higher classification  Blephariceromorpha
Order  Fly

Similar  Fly, Dixidae, Deuterophlebia, Athericidae, Thaumaleidae

The Blephariceridae, commonly known as net-winged midges, are a nematoceran family in the order Diptera. The adults resemble crane flies except with a projecting anal angle in the wings, and different head shape, absence of the V on the mesonotum, and more laterally outstretched, forward-facing legs. They are uncommon, but dozens of genera occur worldwide, and over 200 species.

Blephariceridae Abdominal segments of Diptera Blephariceridae larvae 2013

They are found near fast-flowing streams where the larvae live. Blepharicerid larvae are filter feeders and have suckers on their abdominal tergites, used to adhere to rocks in the torrents in which they live. These suckers are sometimes called creeping welts. These are of unique evolutionary origin within the Diptera.

Blephariceridae Net wing midge Midges Landcare Research

One recent classification based largely on fossils treats this family as the sole member of its infraorder, but this has not gained wide acceptance.

Blephariceridae Dipterainfo Discussion Forum new family for dipterainfo D


Blephariceridae Blephariceridae
  • Subfamily Blepharicerinae
  • Tribe Blepharicerini
  • genus Agathon Rodor, 1890
  • species Agathon arizonica (Alexander, 1958)
  • species Agathon aylmeri (Garrett, 1923)
  • species Agathon comstocki (Kellogg, 1903)
  • species Agathon dismalea (Hogue, 1970)
  • species Agathon doanei (Kellogg, 1900)
  • species Agathon elegantulus Roder, 1890
  • species Agathon markii (Garrett, 1925)
  • species Agathon sequoiarum (Alexander, 1952)
  • genus Bibiocephala
  • species Bibiocephala grandis Osten Sacken, 1874
  • genus Blepharicera Macquart, 1843
  • species Blepharicera appalachiae Hogue and Georgian, 1986
  • species Blepharicera capitata (Loew, 1863)
  • species Blepharicera cherokea Hogue, 1978
  • species Blepharicera coweetae Hogue and Georgian, 1985
  • species Blepharicera diminutiva Hogue, 1978
  • species Blepharicera jordani (Kellogg, 1903)
  • species Blepharicera micheneri (Alexander, 1959)
  • species Blepharicera ostensackeni Kellogg, 1903
  • species Blepharicera similans (Johannsen, 1929)
  • species Blepharicera tenuipes (Walker, 1848)
  • species Blepharicera williamsae (Alexander, 1953)
  • species Blepharicera zionensis (Alexander, 1953)
  • genus Philorus
  • species Philorus californicus Hogue, 1966
  • species Philorus jacinto Hogue, 1966
  • species Philorus vanduzeei Alexander, 1963
  • species Philorus yosemite (Osten Sacken, 1877)
  • Subfamily Edwardsininae
  • genus Edwardsina
  • species Edwardsina gigantea Zwick, 1977
  • species Edwardsina tasmaniensis Tonnoir, 1924
  • genus Paulianina

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