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Bleach: Hell Verse

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Film series
Bleach Film Series


Bleach: Hell Verse movie poster

Release date
December 4, 2010 (2010-12-04)

Itou Kentarou
(Abarai Renji), (Ishida Uryuu),
Orikasa Fumiko
(Kuchiki Rukia),
Morita Masakazu
(Kurosaki Ichigo),
Matsuoka Yuki
(Inoue Orihime),
Okiayu Ryoutarou
(Kuchiki Byakuya)

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Bleach: Hell Verse (Japanese: 劇場版BLEACH 地獄篇, Hepburn: Burīchi Jigoku-Hen) is a 2010 Japanese animated film directed by Noriyuki Abe. It is the fourth animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach. The film's theme song is "Save the One, Save the All", performed by T.M.Revolution and its screenplay was written by Natsuko Takahashi and Ookubo Masahiro, with Tite Kubo, author of the manga, overseeing the production.


Bleach: Hell Verse movie scenes

The film was released in Japanese theatres on December 4, 2010 and in the United States dubbed in November. A prologue for the film, titled Theatre Opening Commemoration! Hell Chapter: Prologue, was included in season 14 of the animation series and included in the regular TV Tokyo schedule, which aired on November 30, 2010. A promotional manga chapter, titled Imaginary Number 01: The Unforgivens, was published showing Shuren confronting Szayel Aporro Granz and Aaroniero Arruruerie in Hell. Additionally, a promotional information book called Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse was also released to commemorate the release of Bleach: Hell Verse. The DVD was released on August 25, 2011 in Japan. The English dub was released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4, 2012 in the United States and on February 24, 2013 in the United Kingdom.

Bleach: Hell Verse movie scenes


Bleach: Hell Verse movie scenes

A recap of Ichigo Kurosaki's battle against Ulquiorra in Hueco Mundo, transforms into an incredibly powerful and uncontrollable Hollow. Some time later before Ichigo loses his powers, Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai arrive in the human world to inspect a strange occurrence, though they remain vague about what. Shortly after, powerful masked spirits attack Ichigo and the others at school. When the mask of one of the spirits breaks, the gates of Hell appear and a Kushanāda, one of the guardians of Hell impales, the unmasked spirit, dragging him into Hell. It is revealed that the masked spirits are Sinners (Togabito in the original) and they hide their faces to avoid being dragged back to Hell. During the battle, Ichigo's two sisters, Karin and Yuzu are attacked by Shuren, the leader of the Sinners. Ichigo manages to return in time to attack Shuren, but is unable to defeat him. Kokutō, a Sinner not allied with Shuren, rescues Karin, but Shuren manages to depart with Yuzu. Kokutō offers to assist Ichigo by showing him the route into Hell, and Rukia, Renji, and Uryū Ishida decide to join the quest.

Bleach: Hell Verse movie scenes

During a fight against Kushanāda, Ichigo's Hollow mask sponstaneously manifests, Kokutō explains Hell brings out one's hidden powers and anyone killed in Hell will also get trapped. Kushanāda torture Sinners by consuming them, consumed spirits are eventually reborn at a lower level, after which they are again caught and consumed in a cycle which continues until their will is completely crushed and their remains turn to dust. Confronted by Shuren's minions, Rukia, Renji and Uryū fight while Ichigo and Kokutō move on to Shuren's lair, where Yuzu is held captive. Shuren orders Ichigo to destroy the Gates of Hell, believing it will free the Sinner. Once Shuren's group is defeated, Kokutō reveals he tricked Shuren into luring Ichigo to Hell, Kokutō wants to use Ichigo's Hollow powers to break the invisible chains which tie him to Hell. Kokutō then taunts Ichigo by revealing that Yuzu has become an Sinner, and cutting down Rukia, Uryū and Renji. Ichigo angrily transforms into his Hollow form and blasts Kokutō with his Cero, destroying most of the chains binding him to Hell and burning through the gates. Renji breaks Ichigo's Hollow mask and activates a kido that teleports Ichigo and Yuzu out of Hell, leaving himself, Rukia and Uryū trapped.

Bleach: Hell Verse movie scenes

The Soul Reapers arrive at the now-broken gates and begin repairs. Orihime is brought to heal Yuzu, but even her powers are not enough to undo Hell's bindings. However, Yuzu later spontaneously recovers on her own. Using a Kushinada attempting to exit the gates as a distraction, Ichigo returns and flies down to the deepest level of Hell, where Rukia has become an Sinner, while Renji and Uryū are rotting away. Ichigo fights Kokutō, while fighting off his Hollow side. Surprisingly, the Kushanāda become a Skull-Clad armor for Ichigo, who explains that Hell itself is asking him for help, he breaks everyone's chains, saving his friends, while binding Kokutō in more that drag him away into the depths of hell. Despite Rukia's warning, Ichigo discards the armor to attack Kushanada again, all four flee back from the finished and repaired gate before being vanished, where they manage to jump out into the World of the Living, being caught by Orihime's shield and safely lowered the ground.

New characters

Bleach: Hell Verse movie scenes

  • Shuren (朱蓮(シュレン))
  • Voiced by: Tōru Furuya (Japanese); Benjamin Diskin (English)The leader of the Sinner (minus Kokutō), he set up Yuzu's kidnapping in order to get Ichigo into Hell so he can use his Hollow powers to tear the Gates of Hell open so he can take over the World of the Living. He is defeated by Ichigo. Shuren appears in the PSP video game Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 as a downloadable content playable character.
  • Kokutō (黒刀(コクトー))
  • Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese); Travis Willingham (English)A Sinner who claims to have been damned for avenging the death of his sister and the main antagonist of the film, and was revived by Hollow Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra Schiffer. He initially poses as an ally, saving Karin Kurosaki, but betrays Ichigo by killing Yuzu. He intends to use Ichigo's powerful Cero to cut the chains binding him to Hell to escape, but is sealed by Ichigo's Skullclad form. Kokutō appears in the PS3 video game Bleach: Soul Resurrección as a normal playable character.
  • Gunjō (群青(グンジョウ))
  • Voiced by: Masaki Aizawa (Japanese); Taylor Henry (English)A Sinner with regenerating tentacles for arms; a few lay hidden beneath the bandages covering the upper part of his face. He is killed by Rukia and then by Kokutō.
  • Garogai (我緑涯(ガロガイ))
  • Voiced by: Keikō Sakai (Japanese); Jamie Simone (English)A muscular, dim-witted Sinner who serves Shuren. He is able to detach his arm in a similar fashion to a grappling hook, using it as his primary weapon. He is killed by Renji and then by Kokutō.
  • Taikon (太金(タイコン))
  • Voiced by: Kōzō Shioya (Japanese); Joe Ochman (English)An obese Sinner that can create mouths on his body and absorb enemies' attacks. Taikon talks in a rather effeminate way, even sending attacks out in the forms of kisses. He is killed by Uryū and then by Kokutō.
  • Murakumo (紫雲(ムラクモ))
  • Voiced by: Binbin Takaoka (Japanese); Steve Kramer (English)A Sinner that uses a triple-pronged glaive whilst attacking. His mask was shattered by Uryū and was killed by Kushanāda's blade.


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