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Bischofia javanica

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Phyllanthaceae
Genus  Bischofia
Higher classification  Bischofia
Order  Malpighiales
Tribe  Bischofieae
Scientific name  Bischofia javanica
Rank  Species
Bischofia javanica Bischofia javanica Blume Javanese bishopwood
Similar  Macaranga tanarius, Euphorbiaceae, Phyllanthaceae, Pongame oiltree, Chinese tallow

Bischofia javanica bishopwood tree

Bischofia javanica (Bishop wood) is a plant species of the family Phyllanthaceae. It and the related B. polycarpa are the only two members of genus (Bischofia) and tribe (Bischofieae). These species are distributed throughout southern and southeast Asia to Australia and Polynesia also in North America (brought to North America as a decorative plant but now considered to be an invasive species). The tree is commonly used by tigers to scratch-mark territory in the jungles of Assam where it is locally called uriam. They also occur in southwestern, central, eastern, and southern China, and also Taiwan, where aboriginal people consider it a sacred tree.


Bischofia javanica Bischofia javanica Health effects and herbal facts

Tertiary ingredients of bischofia javanica formulations pankaj oudhia s medicinal plant database


Bischofia javanica UFEI SelecTree A Tree Selection Guide
  • The dark red, dense wood is used as a building material for items ranging from furniture to bridges; it is durable but is difficult to air-dry.
  • The fruits are used in making wine.
  • The seeds, which are edible, contain 30-54% oil, which is used as a lubricant.
  • The bark has a high tannin content and is used as a source of red dye to stain rattan baskets.
  • The roots are used medicinally.
  • The leaves are eaten in Southern Laos dipped into chili sauce.

  • Bischofia javanica UFEI SelecTree A Tree Selection Guide
    Bischofia javanica Bischofia javanica Blume Javanese bishopwood
    Bischofia javanica httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
    Bischofia javanica Bischofia javanica Useful Tropical Plants


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