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Birbhum (Lok Sabha constituency)

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Existence  1951-present
Current MP  Satabdi Roy
Total Electors  1,495,108
State  West Bengal
Female electors  721,651
Reservation  None
Elected Year  2014
Member of parliament  Satabdi Roy
Male electors  773,457
Assembly Constituencies  Dubrajpur (SC) Suri Sainthia (SC) Rampurhat Hansan Nalhati Murarai
Party  All India Trinamool Congress
Last election  Indian general election, 2014
Assembly segments  Hansan, Suri, Rampurhat, Nalhati, Dubrajpur, Murarai, Sainthia

Birbhum (Lok Sabha constituency) (Bengali: বীরভুম লোকসভা কেন্দ্র) is one of the 543 parliamentary constituencies in India. The constituency centres on the western part of Birbhum district in West Bengal. All the seven assembly segments of No. 42 Birbhum (Lok Sabha constituency) are in Birbhum district. The seat was reserved for scheduled castes from 1962 to 2004, but was declared a free seat from 2009 general elections.


Assembly segments

As per order of the Delimitation Commission issued in 2006 in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in the West Bengal, parliamentary constituency no. 42 Birbhum is composed of the following assembly segments from 2009:

  • Dubrajpur (SC) (assembly constituency no. 284)
  • Suri (assembly constituency no. 285)
  • Sainthia (SC) (assembly constituency no. 289)
  • Rampurhat (assembly constituency no. 291)
  • Hansan (assembly constituency no. 292)
  • Nalhati (assembly constituency no. 293)
  • Murarai (assembly constituency no. 294)
  • Prior to delimitation, Birbhum Lok Sabha constituency was composed of the following assembly segments:Rajnagar (SC) (assembly constituency no. 287), Suri (assembly constituency no. 288), Mahammad Bazar (assembly constituency no. 289), Rampurhat (assembly constituency no. 291), Hansan (SC) (assembly constituency no. 292), Nalhati (assembly constituency no. 293) and Murarai (assembly constituency no. 294).

    Members of Parliament

    .* In 1951 and 1957, Birbhum had dual seats.

    Source: General Election to the Lok Sabha 2014 - State wise seats won & valid votes polled by political parties
    General Elections 2009 to the 15th Lok Sabha - Party wise seats won and votes polled

    General elections 1951-2004

    In 1951 and 1957 Birbhum had dual seats. It had single seats in other years, Most of the contests were multi-cornered. However, only winners and runners-up are mentioned below:


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