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Bii (singer)

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Chinese name  毕书尽
Other name(s)  필서진
Genres  Pop music
Origin  Taiwan
Height  1.75 m
Name  Bii Bii
Pinyin  Bi Shujin (Mandarin)
Role  Singer
Chinese name  畢書盡 (traditional)
Occupation  Singer

Bii (singer) Who Is Bii Someone39s Corner
Born  July 7, 1989 (age 26)Seoul, South Korea (1989-07-07)
Albums  Action Bii, COME BACK TO, Bii Story, Bii
Similar People  Andrew Tan, Dino Lee, Ian Chen, Miu Chu, Aaron Yan

Bii covering kpop hit songs

Bii (born July 7, 1989) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actor.


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Early life

Bii (singer) Bii Half Taiwanese Half Korean singer and completely

Bii was born and raised in South Korea. His father is Taiwanese and his mother is Korean. At the time of his birth, the South Korean nationality law did not allow South Korean women who were married to foreigners to transmit their nationality to their children, so he was regarded as overseas Chinese in South Korea. He also has a younger brother, Pil Seo-yeong.

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His life in South Korea was reported to be a bit challenging as he did not qualify for a national identity card. He could not afford any health insurance and he had to pay higher tuition fees than his Korean peers.

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At the age of 17, SM talent agent scouted Bii, who was a high school student then, but his mother rejected the idea of him being a singer.

Bii (singer) Bii Drops Fantastic New Album After 2 Year Break for

His native language is Korean. He did not learn Standard Mandarin until he came to Taiwan.


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In 2011, Bii acquired his nationality in Taiwan. He took a hiatus from the entertainment industry to serve his mandatory military service in Taiwan between November 2011 and November 2012.


Bii was always interested in music. He was the lead singer in his high school band. Later he went to Dongguan, Mainland China to find his father, who worked there, to find a job. Afterwards, a friend of his father's took him to Taiwan and introduced him to the boss of Eagle Music, where Bii started to pursue a musical career.


On July 9, 2010, Bii released his first EP which was titled "Bii." This EP contains a total of 4 songs: 1 in Korean and the remaining 3 in Mandarin. On October 6, 2010, Bii released his first album, "Bii Story" which has been sung in both Korean and Mandarin.

Stage name

The name "Bii" stands for "Be-I-I," indicating his dual personas.


As a singer and songwriter, he has composed a lot of songs or written the lyrics in Korean and Mandarin. Many of Bii's songs were the theme songs of TV series. His songs have been featured in many TV series, such as Zhong Wu Yan (2010), Love Around, Someone Like You, Bromance, Prince of Wolf, and Better Man in Taiwan.


Bii made a cameo appearance in the TV series Love Around (2013) as Peter. He appeared in Episode 1 of the TV series Someone Like You (2015) as Gu Long, who raced against Fang Zan Cheng played by Kingone Wang. He appeared as Wei Qingyang in a romance comedy, Bromance (2015), co-starring with Baron Chen, Megan Lai, Sean Lee, and Katie Chen.


  • 2016 Trolls, Branch (character voice in Taiwan's Mandarin version)
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