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Big Mac (video game)

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Composer(s)  Tony Kelly
Genre(s)  2D action/platform
Developer  Tony Kelly
Mode  Single-player video game
Release date(s)  NA: 1985 EU: 1985
Initial release date  1985
Publisher  Mastertronic
Big Mac (video game) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen889Big
Platforms  Commodore 64, Commodore Plus/4, Commodore 16
Similar  Mastertronic games, Platform games

Big Mac the Mad Maintenance Man is a computer game published in 1985 by Mastertronic for the Commodore 64. It is a platform game in the style of Manic Miner. The game's full title according to the cover is More Adventures of Big Mac the Mad Maintenance Man although the game's opening screen uses the shorter title. Most fans, however, simply remember the game as 'Big Mac'.


The player takes on the role of the title character who must negotiate a power station consisting of 18 separate levels (vaults). On each level the aim is to avoid a range of defences and press switches to shut down the vault.


The game received a 79% rating from Zzap!64. They found the graphics somewhat basic, though nicely animated. The music was complimented and overall the game was considered to be good value for money.


The game was hacked by Gábor Herczeg and re-released as a freeware "sequel" under the name Big Mac II. This game was in fact the same as the original but with extra levels.


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