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Bianka (singer)

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Tatiana Lipnitskaya

Minsk, Belarus


Full name
Tatiana Eduardovna Lipnitskaya

Years active


Bianka (singer)

Birth name
Tatiana Eduardovna Lipnitskaya

17 September 1985 (age 38) Minsk, Belarus (

Pop, R&B, hip hop, rap, dance

Bianka (born 17 September 1985) is a russian singer, songwriter and rapper of Belarusian origins (Belarusian: Таццяна Эдуардаўна Ліпніцкая; in Russian: Tatyana Eduardovna Lipnitskaya, Татьяна Эдуардовна Липницкая). She rose to prominence in 2005 with the release of her song Swan which later on became the soundtrack to the Russian film, Бой с тенью, Shadow Boxing.


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Aside from Belarus, she has popular following in Russia, FSU and Israel.

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In 2001, she won the Grand Prix of the international competition of young performers "Mallow" (held in Poland). Bianka became a soloist with the National Orchestra of Symphonic and Popular Music of the Republic of Belarus. At this time, she wrote songs and sang. Later, she held a tour in Germany.

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In 2005 Bianka received a formal offer to represent Belarus in the international contest "Eurovision" and at the same time, she was invited to work in Moscow, with Sergei Parkhomenko (Serge). She declined. In the same year, Bianca with Max Lawrence released the song "Swan", which became popular, and later was put on the soundtrack of the film " Shadow Boxing ". In 2006 came the album "Russian Folk R'n'B".

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In 2007 she published a collection of her songs on the album- "On the summer." In 2008 – the album "38 locks" and she evolved her style in to dance music. In 2011 came the album "Our Generation".

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Studio Albums

Bianka (singer) Bianca Yana Lipnitskaya Russian Personalities
  1. Russian folk R'n'B (2006)
  2. About Summer (2007)
  3. 38 locks (2008)
  4. Our Generation (2011)
  5. Bianca. Music (2014)
  6. Thoughts In Notes (2016)


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