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Bethany Village

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Bethany Village is a mission located on the Araburia River, a tributary three miles up the Supenaam River in Region #2, Essequibo in Guyana.



The village is led by Toshao Wendel Thomas, Six Councillors and a Community Health Worker. Council meetings are held once a month.


Bethany is an Amerindian Reservation in the South West of Region #2 with a population of about 420. The main access to the coast is via the Supenaam River to the Town of Supenaam, but there is also an airstrip located 1 mile from the centre of the community. Bethany is next to another Amerindian Village, Mashabo.

The main economic activity is lumbering. Small scale farming is done, but capturing of wild life is prohibited.


A new GYD$14 Million Health Centre is being constructed by a contracting firm funded by The Government of Guyana via Basic Need Trust Fund.


The Bethany Primary School Situated 1 km from the Landing, with 100 students Grade One to Six and 4 teachers. Students finishing Grade Six continue to Secondary Schools on the Coast. The school will soon undergo rehabilitation at the cost of GYD$300,000.


A 1 km sand road was built by self-help work in 2002 for access from the landing to the school, church and the greater community. Two bridges for the road were also built. Total cost came to GYD$2 Million funded by overseas aid.

Recent rehabilitation was done to drainage canal and a koker in the Mission to provide better drainage to areas not previously covered by the drainage scheme.


A new village office is being built by self-help funded by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and the Village Council at a total cost of GYD$1.5Million. There is ready solar power for use in the school and Health Outpost; also a telephone is available to residents of Bethany.


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