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Beta Test (film)

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Action, Sci-Fi

Nicholas Gyeney

United States

Nicholas Gyeney

Initial release
2015 (USA)

Story by
Nicholas Gyeney


Beta Test (film) t1gstaticcomimagesqtbnANd9GcQAk99FtRT2HQrM

Nicholas Gyeney (story), Nicholas Gyeney, Andre Kirkman

Music director
Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck, Anthony Valcic

Manu Bennett
Larenz Tate
Linden Ashby
Yuji Okumoto
(The Surgeon),
Edi Zanidache
(The Runt)

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Nicholas Gyeney directed Beta Test and Matts Chance

Beta Test is a 2016 film co-written, co-produced, and directed by Nicholas Gyeney. Gyeney described the film as a cross between Die Hard, Gamer, and The Firm. The film stars Larenz Tate, Manu Bennett, Linden Ashby, and Yuji Okumoto.


The film deals with corporate conspiracies, and greed, and the power of video games in the 21st century.

Since released, Beta Test currently unofficially holds the title for longest single shot choreographed fight sequence ever which lasts eight minutes long. The film was released on July 22, 2016.

Beta test by nicholas gyeney official trailer video game action movie hd


Beta Test revolves around a Seattle-based video game tester, Max Troy (Larenz Tate), who is tasked with reviewing the latest sensation from global video game juggernaut, Sentinel, prior to the game's release. As he begins his procedural dissection of the game, he begins to realize this new game is not like any other. As new missions are completed, the same events happening in the game occur within the real world. Soon, a deep-rooted conspiracy is uncovered from within the walls of Sentinel, which is lead to showcase that the game's protagonist, Orson Creed (Manu Bennett), is a real man, in the real world. If Creed can join forces with the man controlling him, together they may have a chance at unraveling and possibly stopping this conspiracy before the tasks in the game escalate and overwhelm their city. This film was produced from 2010 to 2016.


  • Manu Bennett as Orson Creed
  • Larenz Tate as Max Troy
  • Linden Ashby as Andrew Kincaid
  • Kevon Stover as Zane
  • Yuji Okumoto as The Surgeon
  • Brandy Kopp as Tech Support
  • Sara Coates as Abbie Creed, Orson's wife.
  • Edward Michael Scott as The Professional
  • Edi Zanidache as The Runt
  • Bill Sorice as Interviewer
  • Stefan Hajek as Slackjaw
  • Adrien Gamache as Caleb Angelo
  • Mark Riccardi as The 2nd Professional
  • Angela DiMarco as Lillian Brandt
  • Angela Okumoto as Reporter
  • Development

    Gyeney started developing Beta Test in the summer of 2014.

    Gyeney provided information on the film stating "this film has 127 scenes and with [my] Type-A personality, I have a very specific vision."


    Gyeney stated, "I'm not Steven Spielberg," while indicating that there would be no auditions or screen tests for the film. Scripts were sent out to actors whom Gyeney was familiar with, and those of whom liked the script with interest of being in the film were cast.

    Larenz Tate was cast as the protagonist, Max. Manu Bennett as the hero video game character, Orson Creed. And, Linden Ashby as Kincaid, the primary villain of the film.


    Principal photography was conducted throughout the U.S. city of Seattle, Washington, more specifically at a house in Lake Forest Park, inside Seattle City Hall, and on top of the Dexter Horton building. It took place over 19 days starting November 7. 2014 and finishing on November 26, 2014.

    Seattle was chosen as the place to shoot the film for two reasons: one being that it is Gyeney's hometown and, two, Gyeney believed "shooting such a movie in the Northwest will diversify the local film community, which is mostly dominated by indie dramas. It could lead to an entire wave of action-oriented material being shot here, which would bring tons of work to local stunt teams and stuff that is totally nonexistent right now."

    The film will culminate in an eight-minute choreographed fight sequence at Seattle City Hall — all in one camera shot with no cutting. Of it, Gyeney stated, “the longest long-take fight sequence currently on record is three-and-a-half minutes, and it's held by the Korean movie ‘Oldboy.' Our goal is to destroy that record.”


    Video game footage was needed to be developed for the film after principal photography was completed. It began in December 2014 starting with the character, Creed.


    The film was set to be released on July 22, 2016.


    On January 5, 2015, on and off set stills of the film were released via the film's Facebook page. On January 22, 2015, the first official poster was released.


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