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Best Time

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Directed by  Cang Lai-zan
Final episode date  22 December 2013
Number of episodes  47
Number of seasons  1
First episode date  20 November 2013
Network  Hunan Broadcasting System
Genre  Romance Film

Also known as  'Bei Shiguang Yao Yanmai De Mimi'
Written by  Tong Hua (original story) Yu Xiaoqian Jing Yuanyuan Du Jun
Starring  Janine Chang Wallace Chung Jia Nailiang Han Xiting
Opening theme  "Willing to Get One's Heart" by Yu Zonglin
Ending theme  "Expired Love" by Yu Zonglin
Similar  My Sunshine, The Demi‑Gods and Semi, Destined to Love You, We Get Married, Ice and Fire of Youth

Best Time is a Chinese television series based on the novel The Most Beautiful Time by Tong Hua. It aired on Hunan TV from November 20 to December 22, 2013.



In high school, Su Man (Janine Chang) fell in love with Song Yi (Jia Nailiang), a student with good academics and superior basketball skills, loving him silently. She was then admitted to Tsinghua University School of Management and never heard news about him. Ten years later, Su Man finds out that Song Yi is back from the United States and is the new director of MG Company. The woman decides to join the company and she applies for clerk post faking her resume. The Chief Investment Officer Lu Li Cheng (Wallace Chung), who is successful yet wants to become the CEO of the company, finds out her true identity and threatens her, yet he appreciates her talent and keeps her by his side. The events turn out worse when Su Man's best friend falls for Song Yi, and Lu Li Cheng develops feelings for Su Man.


  • Janine Chang as Su Man
  • Wallace Chung as Lu Licheng
  • Jia Nailiang as Song Yi
  • Catherine Han as Xu Lianshuang
  • Jiang Yijia as Lin Da
  • Xiang Jin as Chun Ni
  • Jiang Kai as Mike
  • Liu Ying as Xu Qiu
  • Jiang Yijia as Lin Da
  • Mou Xiangying as Helen
  • Liu Ling as Mrs. Xu
  • He Jiang as Xu Zhongjin
  • Music

  • Willing to Get One's Heart (愿得一人心) - Yu Zonglin
  • Expired Love (过期爱情) - Yu Zonglin
  • Best Time (最美的时光) - Han Jing
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