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Berlin Correspondent

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Director  Eugene Forde
Produced by  Bryan Foy
Language  English
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Thriller
Costume design  Herschel McCoy
Country  United States
Berlin Correspondent movie poster
Release date  September 11, 1942 (1942-09-11)
Writer  Steve Fisher (original screenplay), Jack Andrews (original screenplay)
Cast  Virginia Gilmore (Karen Hauen), Dana Andrews (Bill Roberts), Mona Maris (Carla), Martin Kosleck (Captain von Rau), Sig Ruman (Dr. Dietrich)
Similar movies  Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Kingsman: The Secret Service, Fury, Salt, Dr. No
Tagline  He Lived Thru A Nazi Nightmare You'll Never Forget!

In 1941 Berlin, the Gestapos efforts to uncover the source of vital information broadcast by American correspondent Bill Roberts (Dana Andrews) remains elusive. The Gestapo colonel in charge of the investigation presses his fiancee, Karen Hauen (Virginia Gilmore), to help and, with reluctance, she agrees. After befriending Bill, Karen discovers how he receives the information, but when she also learns who provides it, she is exposed for the first time to the brutal tactics of her government.

Berlin Correspondent is a 1942 American film.

Berlin Correspondent movie scenes

Dana Andrews portrays an American radio correspondent reporting from within Nazi Germany, whose principal source of information is an elderly philatelist. His reports prove so embarrassing to the regime that Captain von Rau sends his own fiancee, Karen Hauen (Virginia Gilmore), to compromise the reporter. As the philatelist is sent off to a concentration camp, it develops that she and the reporter are falling for each other, and the elderly source was actually her own father.

Dana Andrews plays Bill Roberts, an American radio commentator station in Berlin in the months before Pearl Harbor. Having witnessed Nazi brutalities first hand, Roberts hopes to alert his listeners of impending dangers, and does so by sending out coded messages during his broadcasts. The Gestapo begins to suspect something and assigns glamorous secret agent Karen Hauen (Virginia Gilmore) to spy on Roberts. When she discovers that her own father (Erwin Kaiser) is supplying Roberts with vital secrets, she turns her back on the Nazis and joins our hero in his efforts.


  • Virginia Gilmore as Karen Hauen
  • Dana Andrews as Bill Roberts
  • Mona Maris as Carla
  • Martin Kosleck as Captain von Rau
  • Sig Ruman as Dr. Dietrich
  • Kurt Katch as Weiner
  • Erwin Kalser as Mr. Hauen
  • Torben Meyer as Manager
  • William Edmunds as Hans Gruber
  • Hans Schumm as Gunther
  • Leonard Mudie as George, English Prisoner
  • Hans von Morhart as The Actor
  • Curt Furburg as Doctor
  • Henry Rowland as Pilot
  • Christian Rub as Prisoner
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