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Bering wolffish

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Perciformes
Genus  Anarhichas
Higher classification  Anarhichas
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Anarhichadidae
Scientific name  Anarhichas orientalis
Rank  Species
Bering wolffish Bering wolffish Anarhichas orientalis Pallas 1814 RegnumAnimalia
Similar  Northern wolffish, Anarhichas, Anarhichadidae, Atlantic wolffish, Spotted wolffish

bering wolffish which is conscious of a camera after an attack

The Bering wolffish (Anarhichas orientalis) is a marine fish in the family Anarhichadidae, the "wolffish".


Fisherman caught largest 2metre bering wolffish ever off the coast of japan near fukushima plant


Bering wolffish Bering Wolffish Thanks Kat for the ID We pulled up our Flickr

The Bering wolffish has an elongate and laterally compressed body, with a thin caudal peduncle. It has a steep snout, and, like other wolffish, has long, canine teeth that protrude out past the tips of the jaws.

Bering wolffish Minden Pictures stock photos Bering Wolffish Anarhichas

It can grow to 112 cm and 15 kg in weight, is dark brown in colour and lacks any distinct markings other than some slight blotching or paleish marbling. The head of juveniles may have multiple dark spots and four to five dark coloured longitudinal stripes on the upper body.

The head length is approximately 19 to 21 percent of the total body length.

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This species differs from the five other species in the genus in having at least 53 anal rays, 81 to 86 dorsal fin spines, and more rounded, deeper caudal fins.


Bering wolffish Fisherman caught Largest 2metre BERING WOLFFISH ever off the coast

The Bering wolffish species has an inconsistent distribution. It is found from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean from Hokkaido to the Sea of Okhotsk, to Alaska. Although insufficiently documented, it is also known to occur across the Northwestern Pacific, the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean.


The Bering wolffish lives on rocky, gravel and sandy substrates, and algae-encrusted bottoms in shallow, inshore locations.


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Bering wolffishes are known to practice nesting habits. They produce very big eggs which hatch into larvae remaining in the pelagic zone.


Benthic invertebrates such as crabs and molluscs.

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