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Ben Daglish

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Ben Daglish


Ben Daglish Ben Daglish BIT Brighton 2015 Interview preview YouTube

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Ben daglish firelord c64

Ben Daglish (born 31 July 1966, London) is a composer and musician. His parents moved to Sheffield when Daglish was aged one year old. He is known for creating many soundtracks during the 1980s for home computer games, including such Commodore 64 hits as The Last Ninja (with Anthony Lees), Trap, and Deflektor. Daglish teamed up with fellow C64 musician and prolific programmer Tony Crowther, forming W.E.M.U.S.I.C., which stood for "We Make Use of Sound in Computers".


Ben Daglish Remix64 SID The Rock n Roll Years

Daglish lives in Derbyshire where he still composes, plays and performs in a number of UK bands, including Loscoe State Opera. He also regularly performs with violinist Mark Knight and the band SID80s at retro computer game events such as Back in Time Live and Retrovision. He has also performed with Commodore 64 revival band Press Play on Tape together with Rob Hubbard. He is a fan of the late Ronnie Hazlehurst, a prolific composer for television.

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New gen vs retro game music ben daglish

Amstrad CPC

Ben Daglish From Bedrooms to Billions Ben Daglish on the originality

  • Dark Fusion (1988 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Deflektor (1987 – Vortex Software)
  • H.A.T.E. – Hostile All Terrain Encounter (1989 – Vortex Software)
  • Mask (1987 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Mask II (1988 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Masters of the Universe (Les Maitres De L'Univers) (1987 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • North Star (1988 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Skate Crazy (1988 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Supercars (1990 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Switch Blade (1990 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Terramex Cosmic Relief : Prof. Renegade to the Rescue (1988 – Grandslam)
  • The Real Stunt Experts (1989 – Alternative Software)
  • Thing on a Spring (1986 – Gremlin Graphics Software)
  • Commodore 64

  • 720°
  • The Last Ninja (with Anthony Lees)
  • Ark Pandora
  • Alternative World Games
  • Auf Wiedersehen Monty (with Rob Hubbard)
  • Biggles
  • Bulldog
  • Bombo
  • Chubby Gristle
  • Cobra (arrangement of the unused movie theme "Skyline" by Sylvester Levay)
  • Deathwish III (1987)
  • Firelord (1986)
  • Future Knight
  • Gauntlet and Gauntlet II
  • Hades Nebula
  • Krakout
  • Mask III – Venom Strikes Back
  • Potty Pidgeon (Death tune only)
  • SkateRock
  • Terramex
  • Trap
  • Commodore Amiga

  • Artura (1989)
  • Chubby Gristle (1988)
  • Deflektor (1988)
  • Pac-Mania (1988, re-arrangement of arcade game tunes)
  • Switchblade (1989)
  • Corporation (1990)
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum

  • Butcher Hill
  • Dark Fusion
  • Deflektor
  • H.A.T.E. – Hostile All Terrain Encounter (1989)
  • MASK III: Venom Strikes Back
  • Masters of Universe
  • Motor Massacre
  • North Star
  • Super Scramble Simulator
  • Super Sports
  • The Real Stunt Experts
  • Wizard Wars
  • Terramex
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