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Date dissolved  1925

Bego a declara su odio a florencia preciosas cap tulo 87

Begoña or more puristically but also more rarely spelled Begoina, meaning 'the lower foot' (of Mount Artxanda), is a historical municipality of Biscay (Basque Country) that was incorporated to Bilbao in 1925.


Originally it included all the uplands south and east of the medieval walled town, that now form the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and parts of 5th urban districts of Bilbao. Nowadays the name is limited to the district including Santutxu, Bolueta and Begoña proper, a small residential neighbourhood between the Basilica and the garden area of Etxebarria Park.

A notable person with this given name is Begoña Gómez Martín, a Spanish Olympic judoka. Due to its association with a church dedicated to Our Lady of Begoña, the name of the neighbourhood is also a popular name of women in the Basque Country (and also in some other Spanish-speaking areas).

El reencuentro de bego a y nicol s preciosas cap tulo 75


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