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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Pachyramphus
Higher classification  Tityridae
Order  Passerine
Family  Tityridae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Becard Rosethroated Becard Pachyramphus aglaiae
Lower classifications  White‑winged becard, Rose‑throated becard, Chestnut‑crowned becard, Cinnamon becard, Crested becard

Rose throated becard weslaco texas

A becard is a bird of the genus Pachyrhamphus in the family Tityridae. The genus has traditionally been placed in Cotingidae or Tyrannidae, but evidence strongly suggests it is better placed in Tityridae, where now placed by SACC. Depending on taxonomy, the genus contains 16 or 17 species.


Becard Rosethroated Becard Audubon Field Guide

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Becard antpittacom Photo Gallery Tityras

The becards are characterized by their large heads with slight crest. The smaller members of this genus have graduated tails and most members are sexually dimorphic, although the cinnamon becard and the chestnut-crowned becard have similar plumages for the males and females. Juvenile becards resemble the adult females in plumage and, as far as known, obtain their adult plumage after about a year. The bills of the becards are grey, and many (but not all) have a black culmen or upper mandible. Their legs are dark gray.

Distribution and habitat

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They are primarily found in Central and South America, but the rose-throated becard occurs as far north as southern United States and, as suggested by its common name, the Jamaican becard is restricted to Jamaica. Depending on the species, they are found in wooded habitats ranging from open woodland to the dense canopy of rainforests.


Becard Rosethroated Becard Audubon Field Guide

The nest of a becard is a bulky globular mass of dead leaves, mosses, and fibers with the entrance near the bottom of the nest. Nests are typically wedged or slung from the outer branches of trees at the mid or upper levels.


Becard Rosethroated Becard Pachyramphus aglaiae Planet of Birds
  • Green-backed becard, Pachyramphus viridis
  • Yellow-cheeked becard, Pachyramphus xanthogenys – often included in P. viridis
  • Barred becard, Pachyramphus versicolor
  • Slaty becard, Pachyramphus spodiurus
  • Cinereous becard, Pachyramphus rufus
  • Cinnamon becard, Pachyramphus cinnamomeus
  • Chestnut-crowned becard, Pachyramphus castaneus
  • White-winged becard, Pachyramphus polychopterus
  • Black-and-white becard, Pachyramphus albogriseus
  • Grey-collared becard, Pachyramphus major
  • Black-capped becard, Pachyramphus marginatus
  • Glossy-backed becard, Pachyramphus surinamus
  • Rose-throated becard, Pachyramphus aglaiae
  • Jamaican becard, Pachyramphus niger
  • One-colored becard, Pachyramphus homochrous
  • Pink-throated becard, Pachyramphus minor
  • Crested becard, Pachyramphus validus
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