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Beat Space Nine

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Released  August 24, 2005
Beat Space Nine (2005)  Dope Space Nine (2005)
Release date  24 August 2005
Label  Rhythm Zone
Length  1:16:17
Artist  M-Flo
Producer  M-Flo
Genre  Urban contemporary
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M flo loves bennie k taste your stuff

Beat Space Nine is the fourth studio album released by the Japanese group M-Flo. This album is the group's first (and to date only) #1 studio album.


Beat Space Nine is presented in the metaformat of a spaceliner's in-flight entertainment system (specifically that of 'Global Astroliner', a recurring theme in M-Flo's albums). Nearly all the songs on Beat Space Nine, like many of the group's albums, feature guest singers. Vocalist Lisa, who was previously a member of M-Flo, appears on the second to last track of this album, "Tripod Baby". Beat Space Nine features a much heavier electronic sound than M-Flo's previous album, the jazz-oriented Astromantic. The final track of Beat Space Nine, "Nine", is the same as the first track of M-Flo's first album, Planet Shining. Remixes of the songs from this album were released as Dope Space Nine.

M flo beat space nine vinyl lp selection

Track listing

  1. Beat
  2. Taste Your Stuff [M-Flo Loves Bennie K]
  3. Loop in My Heart [M-Flo Loves Emyli & Yoshika]
  4. So Exclusive [M-Flo Loves Sowelu]
  5. I'm Da 1 [M-Flo Loves Whee Sung]
  6. One Day [M-Flo Loves Miliyah Kato]
  7. A.D.D.P. [M-Flo Loves Monday Michiru]
  8. To Your Beat [M-Flo Loves Yoshika]
  9. Space
  10. Dopeman [M-Flo Loves Emyli & Diggy Mo']
  11. Cozmo-Naughty [M-Flo Loves Kahimi Karie]
  12. The Other Side of Love [M-Flo Loves Emyli]
  13. Float'n Flow [M-Flo Loves Rie Fu]
  14. Hey! [M-Flo Loves Akiko Wada]
  15. Let Go [M-Flo Loves Yoshika]
  16. Tripod Baby [M-Flo Loves Lisa]
  17. Nine

Song appearances

An alternate version of the M-Flo loves Bennie K track "Taste Your Stuff" entitled "Happy Drive: Taste Your Stuff" was released on Bennie K's single "Sky" and their album Japana-rhythm.

The track "Tripod Baby" was also remixed as a promotional song for the Shadow the Hedgehog video game released in November 2005.

A remix of "One Day" featuring Miliyah Kato was released on her album, Rose.


2Taste Your Stuff (feat BENNIE K)Bennie K4:01
3Loop In My HeartYoshika - Emyli4:59


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