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Be with You (film)

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Director  Nobuhiro Doi
Music director  Suguru Matsutani
Language  Japanese
8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Story by  Takuji Ichikawa
Country  Japan
Be with You (film) movie poster
Release date  30 October 2004 (2004-10-30) (Japan)
Writer  Takuji Ichikawa (novel), Yoshikazu Okada (screenplay)
Cast  Akashi Takei (Yuji), Karen Miyama (Aya), Nakamura Shidō II (Takumi Aio), Yousuke Asari (Takumi), Chihiro Otsuka (Mio), Yuta Hiraoka (Yuji)
Similar movies  Takuji Ichikawa wrote the story for Be with You and Heavenly Forest

Be With You (, Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu), is a 2004 Japanese drama film based on a Japanese novel of the same name written by Takuji Ichikawa. The film was adapted from the novel by Yoshikazu Okada, and it was directed by Nobuhiro Doi. It stars actress Yuko Takeuchi as Mio Aio and actor Shido Nakamura as Takumi Aio.


Be with You (film) movie scenes

Be with You was first released at the 17th Tokyo International Film Festival. It was subsequently released in Japanese cinemas on 30 October 2004. The film grossed a total of $46,616,207 from its screenings in Japan and overseas countries.

Be with You (film) movie scenes

When two souls find one another, nothing can tear them apart. Widower Takumi (Shido Nakamura) lives a quiet life with his six-year-old son Yuji (Akashi Takei) after the loss of wife and mother Mio (Yuko Takeuchi). Yuji unfailingly remembers her promise to him: "I'll be with you again in a year's time, when the rains come." On the first anniversary of her passing, Takumi and Yuji are taking a walk in the woods when they come across a woman sheltering from a monsoon downpour. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Mio, but has no recollection of who she is or what she is doing there. Family life resumes from where they left off, while Takumi and Mio's memories of their first encounter in high school come flooding back. However, their new life together is interrupted by the discovery of Mio's old diary, which reveals the secrets of her past and how they must say goodbye once more in six weeks' time...


Be with You (film) movie scenes

Mio Aios death leaves her husband Takumi and six-year-old son Yuji to fend for themselves. Takumi is congenitally disorganized, suffers occasional fainting spells, and fears that his health compromised his dead wifes happiness. Yuji overhears relatives speculate that his own difficult delivery compromised Mios health, and blames himself for his mothers death. Mio had left Yuji a picture book; in the book, Mio departs for a celestial body she calls "the Archive Star" but reappears in Japan during the following years rainy season; turning the pages, Yuji eagerly awaits her return.

Be with You (film) movie scenes

On a walk in the forest outside their house, Takumi and Yuji find a woman sheltered from the rain, and immediately accept her as Mio. She has no memory or sense of identity; she comes home to live with the father and son anyway. This new Mio asks Taku how they met and fell in love, and he recounts a tale of years of missed chances, beginning in high school and ending when she encouraged their marriage years later. As the rainy season draws to a close, Yuji discovers the "time capsule" he hid with his mother before her death. Mios diary is inside, and its version of the Mio-Taku romance holds the answers to the mystery.


  • Yuko Takeuchi as Mio Aio (???)
  • Shido Nakamura as Takumi Aio (???)
  • Akashi Takei as Yuji Aio (????), the 6 year old son of Mio Aio and Takumi Aio.
  • Karen Miyama as Aya, Yujis classmate
  • Yosuke Asari as Takumi in his high school days
  • Yuuta Hiraoka as Yuji when he becomes 18 years old
  • Chihiro Otsuka as Mio in high school days
  • Mikako Ichikawa as Midori Nagase (?????), Takumis co-worker
  • Katsuo Nakamura as Takumis Boss
  • You as Yujis teacher
  • Suzuki Matsuo as the owner of a cake shop
  • Fumiyo Kohinata as Dr. Noguchi (????)
  • Tokimasa Tanabe
  • Kei Tanaka
  • Release

    Be with You was showcased at the 17th Tokyo International Film Festival on 27 October 2004. It was featured as one of the festivals special screenings. The singers for the theme song, Orange Range, also held a performance of the theme song at the showcase.

    Similar Movies

    Takuji Ichikawa wrote the story for Be with You and Heavenly Forest. Midnight Sun (2006). Nobuhiro Doi directed Be with You and Nada Soso. Minami Ichikawa and others produced Be with You and Crying Out Love in the Center of the World. Yuko Takeuchi appears in Be with You and Yomigaeri.

    Theme song

    Okinawan alternative rock band Orange Range sang the theme song of this movie called Hana. It was the top selling single of 2005.


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