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Series  BattleFleet
Genre(s)  strategy
Platform(s)  Windows
Mode(s)  single-player
Developer(s)  Strategy Lights Systems

BattleFleet is a campaign-based naval warfare series and is a strategy series based on the well known game Battleship. It is developed and published by Strategy Lights Systems. BattleFleet is publicized alongside Guns Girls Lawyers Spies, Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars, and Fashion Tycoon - War Edition. These are also productions from Strategy Lights Systems.



The games are highly based on Battleship, another naval warfare game. Only a mouse and keyboard are needed to play BattleFleet, as it is simple to control. All of the BattleFleet games are turn-based, with the Player and AI alternating moves. Most of the game revolves around campaign-style missions, which end by completing an objective such as conquering enemy ports, defending your own, destroying enemy ships, eliminating as many units as possible, or simply delivering a transport convoy to another port before the time (turns) runs out. The campaigns end in a win or lose situation, depending on the circumstances of each turn:

  • Victory - Objective completed before the last turn passes
  • Defeat - Objective not completed after final turn or all friendly ships lost
  • The death match mode, which involves either all enemies dead, or all friendly forces dead, is considered to be much harder. The only objective is destroying all enemy units.

    BattleFleet maps can be from 16x16 to 96x96, depending in how large the area of operations is for each campaign or death match. Bigger maps also are harder than smaller ones. As of BattleFleet - Pacific War, there are 60 unit types, detailed in the next section. There are more than 60 missions, again, as of Pacific War.


    Unlike Battleship, ships are not stationary. They are movable on the player's turn. Ships also have radar and sonar, however only certain ships have sonar. Once enemy ships are in radar or sonar contact, they can be attacked on the player's turn. The difficulty is also higher, due to the AI's ability to move also. There is also the death match mode, which involves either all enemies dead, or all friendly forces dead. This respectively results in a win-lose situation at the end of the match.

    The ships, objects, and aircraft included in the games are Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Submarines, Bombers, Destroyers, Artillery Pieces, Corvettes, Patrol Boats, Torpedo Boats, Frigates, Fighter Jets, Auxiliaries, Seaplanes, and Transport Boats.


    As of February 2011, there are 4 games (versions) under BattleFleet. They include BattleFleet - Pacific War, BattleFleet 1939, Battleship Game World War 2 Edition, and Space General World War IV - Space Strategy. Described below is BattleFleet - Pacific War, the most common version (as of February 2011).

    BattleFleet - Pacific War

    This version includes land, islands, major and minor ports. There are 23 campaign missions and 16 death matches.


    User reviews of Pacific War have an average of 3.5 out of 5, and is described as a good program, easy to use, and decent. The less positive reviews were that it had bad sound, bad graphics, and one reviewer stated "tried to purchase, still waiting for the "instant" download 6 days after payment."


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