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Battle of Lomas Valentinas

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3,000 men  19,415 men
Result  Allied victory
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1,500 killed, 1,500 captured  Argentina 64 killed and 283 wounded Brazil 382 killed and 2461 wounded Uruguay 80 casualties
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Battle of lomas valentinas

The Battle of Lomas Valentinas (also known as the Battle of Ita Ybate) was fought in the Central Department of Paraguay on December 21–27, 1868. The Paraguayan Army, led personally by President Francisco Solano Lopez, were decisively defeated, though he managed to escape. On December 30, 1868, the Paraguayan garrison at Angostura, with 1,907 men, surrendered to the Allies.



Marshal Caxias had left Villeta at 02:00 on the 21st, and was ready to storm the Lomas Valentinas range by noon. Two columns of infantry, one under Gen. Jose Luis Mena Barreto attacking the western defenses at Ita Ybate, and another under Gen. Jacinto Machado de Bittencourt aided by cavalry under Gen. Andrade Neves attacking the northern defenses at Loma Acosta, where the hill of Cumbarity was located. The hill was taken by sundown.

On the 22 Dec., Argentine and Uruguay troops advanced towards Lomas Auxilio. Marshal Caxias spent the 23rd reorganizing his battalions. On the 24th, Marshal Caxias demanded the surrender of Lopez, which was refused. The Allied assault commended again with dawn on the 25th and the 26th. The Paraguayan defenses were finally taken on the 27th.


Lopez made his escape with the Acavera cavalry acting as his escort. Gens. Resquín and Bernardino Caballero also escaped. This meant the war would continue.


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