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Baron Chen

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Chinese name

Baron Chen

Chinese name
陳楚河 (traditional)

Chinese name
陈楚河 (simplified)

chenchuhe (Mandarin)

Baron Chen posing with thick, long hair and wearing a green jacket and jean pants.

Republic of China (Taiwan)

May 9, 1978 (age 46) Taiwan (

Other name(s)
Chen Xiaobao, Baron Chen, River Chen

Chinese Culture University

Similar People
Megan Lai, Bii, Shiau‑Shiang Lee, Chen Yu‑An, Roy Chiu


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Baron Chen (Chinese: 陳楚河; pinyin: Chén Chǔhé; born May 9, 1978) is a Taiwanese Actor and model.


Baron Chen posing with short hair and wearing a black and white striped shirt and a necklace.

eng sub bromance 151212 megan lai and baron chen at drama awards

Early life

Baron Chen looking at something and wearing a red and white short with black bead necklace.

Chen is the eldest son of Chen Chi-li, a reputed gang leader who masterminded the assassination of dissident journalist Henry Liu in 1984. Not long after he was born, his parents separated so he stayed with his grandparents. He studied tourism at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei.


Baron Chen smiling with her long hair and wearing a white, sleeveless hoodie.

Chen made his first major appearance in the movie Kung Fu Dunk, but became better known with his role as Dylan in Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You. He also appeared in two of Jay Chou's music videos for the songs "Blue and White Porcelain" from the album On the Run and "Ocean of Flowers" from Capricorn.

Baron Chen posing with short hair and wearing a black and white striped shirt and a necklace.

He later gained more fame through his roles in the television series My Daughter and The Magic Blade, which won him Most Popular Actor at the LeTV Awards.

Baron Chen with a neutral facial expression and thick bangs wearing a white sweatshirt.

Baron Chen smiling with his hand on his forehead ang wearing a tuxedo with metal attachments.

Baron Chen smiling with longer hair and wearing a black shirt underneath a blue coat.

Baron Chen smiling with short, thick hair ang wearing a tuxedo with metal attachments.

Baron Chen smiling with his hand near his face and wearing a longsleeved shirt.


Heroes (TV Series) as
Su Meng Zhen [House of Sunset Drizzle]
Reunion: The Sound of the Providence (TV Series) as
Hei Yanjing
Eternal Love of Dream (TV Series) as
Zhe Yan
Battle Through the Heavens (TV Series) as
Yao Chen
- Episode #1.1 (2018) - Yao Chen
Guardians of Ancient Magic (TV Mini Series) as
He Cai
Ancient Love Song (TV Series) as
Yu Chen
Bromance (TV Series) as
Du Zi-Feng
Love Is Back (TV Series) as
Jian Gao
Yue guang lian (as Baron Chen)
Battle of the Beauty (TV Series)
Xia jia san qian jin (TV Series)
Because of You (TV Series) as
Sun Fan (as Baron Chen)
Ci ling as
Desert Eagle
Ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni (TV Series) as
- Di 24 tie: Zui hou yi tie zhi Ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni (2008) - Dylan
- Di 23 tie: Ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni (2008) - Dylan
- Di 22 tie: Zi zuo zi ai de ai (2008) - Dylan
- Di 21 tie: Ku jin gan lai (2008) - Dylan
- Di 20 tie: Kuayue 2 nian shi kong de gao bai (2008) - Dylan
- Di 19 tie: Cheng qiang de bian li tie (2008) - Dylan
- Di 18 tie: Ming zhong zhu ding ai xiang sui (2008) - Dylan
- Di 17 tie: Shikong (2008) - Dylan
- Di 16 tie: Yongqi (2008) - Dylan
- Di 15 tie: Jian bu duan (2008) - Dylan
- Di 14 tie: Qing mi Shanghai (2008) - Dylan
- Di 13 tie: Chong sheng! (2008) - Dylan
- Di 12 tie: Yiqie gui ling- (2008) - Dylan
- Di 11 tie: Ji Cun-Xi de nanti! (2008) - Dylan
- Di 10 tie: Xingfu, ru lü bo bing (2008) - Dylan
- Di 9 tie: Ji Cun-Xi de ganqing. Da bao zou! (2008) - Dylan
- Di 8 tie: Weile ni. Zuo ji dou yuanyi! (2008) - Dylan
- Di 7 tie: Dui bu qi, cuo guai ni- (2008) - Dylan
- Di 6 tie: Ji Cun-Xi de wenrou xianjing (2008) - Dylan
- Di 5 tie: Ji Cun-Xi de xinniang bu hao dang! (2008) - Dylan
- Di 4 tie: Tian a! Danyuan xinlang bu shi wo! (2008) - Dylan
- Di 3 tie: Sha mi?! Haizi shi wo de (2008) - Dylan
- Di 2 tie: Huai yun?! Bie nao le, Qiubite (2008) - Dylan
- Di 1 tie: Jia you! Chen Xin-Yi (2008) - Dylan
Kung Fu Dunk as
Xiao Lan
Race the World (TV Series) as


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