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Barley tea

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Traditional Chinese  大麥茶
Literal meaning  barley tea
Wade–Giles  tamaich'a
Simplified Chinese  大麦茶
Hanyu Pinyin  dàmàichá
Hangul  보리차
Barley tea Thirsty For Tea Korean Barley Tea
Similar  Hojicha, Barley, Oolong, Genmaicha, Green tea

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Barley tea (Chinese: 大麥茶/大麦茶 dàmàichá or 麥茶/麦茶 màichá; Japanese: 麦茶 mugicha; Korean: 보리차 bori-cha) is a roasted-grain-based infusion made from barley which is a staple across Korea, China, and Japan. It has a toasty flavor, with slight bitter undertones.


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In Korea, the tea is consumed either hot or cold, often taking the place of drinking water in many homes and restaurants. In Japan, it is usually served cold, and is a popular summertime refreshment. The tea is also widely available in tea bags or bottled in Korea and Japan.

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Barley tea Thirsty For Tea Korean Barley Tea

The tea can be prepared by boiling roasted unhulled barley kernels in water or brewing roasted and ground barley in hot water. In Japan, tea bags containing ground barley became more popular than the traditional barley kernels during the early 1980s, and remain the norm today.

Bottled tea

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Bottled barley tea is sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, and in vending machines in Japan and Korea. Sold mostly in PET bottles, cold barley tea is a very popular summertime drink in Japan. In Korea, hot barley tea in heat-resistant PET bottles is also found in vending machines and in heated cabinets in convenience stores.

Blended barley teas and similar teas

In Korea, roasted barley is also often combined with roasted corn, as the corn's sweetness offsets the slightly bitter flavor of the barley. The tea made from roasted corn is called oksusu-cha (corn tea), and the tea made from roasted corn and roasted barley is called oksusu-bori-cha (corn barley tea). Several similar drinks made from roasted grains include: hyeonmi-cha (brown rice tea), gyeolmyeongja-cha (sicklepod seed tea), and memil-cha (buckwheat tea).

Roasted barley tea, sold in ground form and sometimes combined with chicory or other ingredients, is also sold as a coffee substitute.


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