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Banqiao Senior High School

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Principal  Kao Bai Ling
Enrollment  2400 students
Number of students  2,400
Grades  Grade 10, 11, 12
Phone  +886 2 2960 2500
Staff  137
Banqiao Senior High School

Established  1946 A.D.Taiwan Province Taipei County Banqiao Senior High School
Address  No. 25, Section 1, Wenhua Rd, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 220
Motto  Loyalty, Diligent, Macro, erseverance
Similar  New Taipei Municipal Hsinchua, New Taipei Municipal HaiShan, Affilitated Senior High Sch, 臺北市立第一女子高級中學, Taipei Municipal Chenggo

The New Taipe Municipal Banqiao Senior High School (Chinese: 新北市立板橋高級中學; pinyin: Xīnběi Shìlì Bǎnqiáo Gāojí Zhōngxué) is a high school in Banqiao District, New Taipei, Taiwan.



The school was founded in September, 1946, with the name Taipei County Banqiao Junior High School. It was also called “Garden of Lindens”, for there were once two ancient linden trees.

In 1950 Banqiao Junior High School turned into senior high school. The current school, including junior and senior high, was formally established in 1952. The same year it was restructured and titled Taiwan Provincial Banqiao Senior High School. In 2000 the school was renamed National Banqiao Senior High School.

In 2002, due to the rising status of New Taipei City from Taipei County, the school was renamed New Taipei City Panciao High School. There are 61 classes, composed of male and female students. Among them, there are three classes for mathematical gifted students, and one class for both mentally and physically disabled students.


  • Taipei County, Taiwan Province Banqiao High School (1946-1952)
  • Taiwan Provincial Banqiao Junior High School (1952-1970)
  • Taiwan Provincial Banqiao senior High School (1970-2000)
  • National Banqiao Senior High School (2000-2012)
  • Banqiao Senior High School (2013 -)
  • School anthem

    The Banqiao senior high school song is by Luo-Shoushu lyrics, Lin-Dongzhe composition as follows:(sound)

    Chinese lyrics





    看,古今中外,有志者畢竟成功。 (in English, as well, please)


  • Terry Gou: Group Chairman of Hon Hai.
  • Yan-Ming Cai: Group Chairman of Wang-Zhong.
  • Lin, Hong-Ming: Taipei 101 Company General Manager and Chairman.
  • Education

  • Liao Jinshun: Banqiao Senior High School Alumni Association President, former State representative
  • Lin Shiming: MESAN University of Science and Technology
  • Ma Chengmin: Mingchi University of Technology Dean
  • Huang Wanju: Taipei Municipal University of Education Dean
  • Chen Weihong: former President of Taipei City lishangaozhong, currently founding principal
  • Dai zhicheng: former guangrengaozhong President
  • Unique treasurehouse: Academia Sinica's Institute of modern history adjunct researcher, National Taiwan Normal University Professor
  • Liao Nian Fu: the Taipei century Symphony Orchestra Music Director, National Taiwan University of Arts, Professor of music
  • Qian Nan chapters: contemporary composers, National Taipei University of the arts, Professor of music
  • Lin Rongcong: Taipei municipal Songshan advertising design Panel Chair
  • Xu Zhenghang: Chung Yuan Christian University Professor of mechanical engineering
  • Transportation

    The school is accessible within walking distance north of Fuzhong Station of Taipei Metro.


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