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Bang Boom Bang

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Director  Peter Thorwarth
Costume design  Anke Winckler
Country  Germany
7.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Comedy, Crime
Language  German
Bang Boom Bang movie poster
Release date  August 26, 1999 (1999-08-26) (Germany)
Writer  Stefan Holtz, Peter Thorwarth
Genres  Comedy, Action Film, Crime Fiction
Cast  Oliver Korittke (Keek), Markus Knüfken (Andreas 'Andy' Fink), Ralf Richter (Karl-Heinz 'Kalle' Grabowski), Diether Krebs (Werner Kampmann), Martin Semmelrogge ('Schlucke'), Alexandra Neldel (Melanie)
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Bang boom bang ein todsicheres ding 1999 trailer

Bang Boom Bang is a German comedy film from 1999. The movie is set in Unna, Westphalia, which was, besides Dortmund, one of the shooting locations.


Bang Boom Bang movie scenes

Peter thorwarths unna trilogie bang boom bang hd trailer


Bang Boom Bang movie scenes

The part-time criminal Keek has lost most of the money from a bank robbery that he committed together with the now jailed Karl-Heinz "Kalle" Grabowski.

Bang Boom Bang movie scenes

When Kalle watches a porn-movie in jail, shot by Keek’s friend Franky, he sees his wife Manuela starring in the movie, Kalle goes crazy and escapes from prison. Before killing Franky, the escaped Kalle unexpectedly appears at Keek’s door and demands his money.

Bang Boom Bang movie scenes

The next day, the alcoholic "Schlucke" is forced by his boss Werner Kampmann, to break into his transport company to pretend a burglary because of insurance fraud. Schlucke, however, has talked boastfully about his plan, so that Keek sees a chance to get the money for Kalle. Together with his friend Andy, Schlucke and Ratte (another fellow criminal) break into the company. Because Keek has his Thumb ripped off and locked in the safe during the safecracking attempt, Keek and Andy pull the safe out by tying it to a chain attached to Keek’s car, leading to an iconic picture from a speeding camera.

The following day, Keek and Andy try to blackmail Kampmann with documents from his safe. At the airport, while trying to fetch the money, Keek and Andy meet both Kampmann and Kalle. Suddenly, Kampmann is being shot by Kalle, who is killed by a plainclothes-policeman afterwards. As it turns out later, the stolen money was already taken away by a former apprentice of Kampmann, Melanie, who moved to Mallorca with a friend in the meantime.


  • Oliver Korittke: Keek
  • Markus Knüfken: Andreas "Andy" Fink
  • Ralf Richter: Karlheinz "Kalle" Grabowski
  • Sabine Kaack: Manuela Grabowski
  • Diether Krebs: Werner Kampmann
  • Christian Kahrmann: Mark Kampmann
  • Martin Semmelrogge: Schlucke
  • Heinrich Giskes: Ratte
  • Alexandra Neldel: Melanie
  • Jochen Nickel: Franky
  • Hilmi Sözer: Hilmi
  • Willi Thomczyk: Willi Rabelt
  • Til Schweiger: Brown
  • Ingolf Lück: Porn director Uwe
  • Ellen ten Damme: Maike
  • Production

    The film was shot in Unna, Cologne and Dortmund and Dortmund Airport, which is located at city boundary of Dortmund. The budget was valued at about 5 million Deutsche Mark.


    Peter Thorwarth received the "Director’s Promotional Award" at the 1999 "Filmfest München". In 2000 the film was honoured with "VGF Award" at the Bavarian Film Awards.


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