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Banded cichlid

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Perciformes
Subfamily  Cichlasomatinae
Scientific name  Heros severus
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Cichlidae
Tribe  Heroini
Higher classification  Heros
Banded cichlid Heros severus banded cichlid or severum may eat small tetras
Similar  Cichlid, Heros, Cichlasoma, Oscar, Green terror

banded cichlid severum heros severus

Heros severus (previously known as Cichlasoma severum), is a species of tropical freshwater cichlid native to the upper Orinoco and upper Rio Negro basins in South America. It has historically been confused with several other species in the genus, most recently H. liberifer.


Banded cichlid Image Heros severus Banded Cichlid BioLibcz

This species is rarely found in the aquarium trade. The species in the aquarium trade is rather the more common Heros efasciatus. Heros severus was first identified in 1840, but has been misidentified for many years. Until 2015 Heros severus was thought to be the mouth brooder that was in the aquarium trade. Originally in 1840 the severus was defined as having a partially formed 7th band, but the identification was dismissed as an anomaly in the collected fish. in 2015 the true Heros severus was discovered, and had the tell tale partial 7th band that was described in 1840, this was known for a short time has Heros sp.'Curare' or Tiger severum until officially named as the true severus. The mouthbrooder who previously was thought to be Heros severus was classified as Heros Liberifer by Staeck, Wolfgang & I. Schindler.

Banded cichlid Image Heros severus Banded Cichlid BioLibcz

banded cichlid severum heros severus

Banded cichlid Severum banded cichlid Heros severus Heckel 1840 RegnumAnimalia
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