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Baltic State Technical University

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Ivanov K.M.


26 February 1932

1871 (1932)

Two campuses

+7 812 495-76-20


Baltic State Technical University

1-я Красноармейская ул., 1, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190005

Notable alumni
Dmitry Ustinov, Sergei Krikalev, Vladimir Yakunin, Sergey Naryshkin, Galina Starovoytova

Nevsky Institute of Languag, European University at Saint P, Herzen University, Peter the Great St Petersbur, Saint Petersburg Conservatory

Baltic state technical university

Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" D.F.Ustinov (Russian: Балтийский государственный технический университет "Военмех" им. Д.Ф.Устинова; abbreviated BGTU) is a Russian military technical university situated in Saint Petersburg. Previously it was known as the Leningrad Mechanical Institute (Russian: Ленинградский механический институт) and Military Mechanical Institute (Russian: Военно-механический институт).


Baltic state technical university


  • 1932: the university was established by order of the People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry of the USSR, as the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute.
  • 1944: Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.
  • 1959: Red Banner Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute was transferred to the RSFSR Council of Ministers with the name of the Red Banner Leningrad Mechanical Institute.
  • 1980: Leningrad Mechanical Institute was awarded the Order of Lenin.
  • 1984: Leningrad Mechanical Institute renamed Marshal Ustinov DF.
  • 1985: Leningrad Mechanical Institute was renamed the Lenin, and the Order of the Red Banner Institute of Mechanics was named after Marshal Ustinov DF.
  • 1992: Marshal DF Ustinov renamed St. Petersburg Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Mechanical Institute. Marshal DF Ustinov was renamed the Baltic State Technical University.
  • 1997: Baltic State Technical University renamed Ustinov Baltic State Technical University, DF Ustinov.
  • 2006: Baltic State Technical University reorganized through merger of the Federal Scientific Institution National Center for High Technology.
  • 2011: Baltic State Technical University. DF Ustinov renamed the Baltic State Technical University
  • Rocket and Space Technology Faculty

  • Rocketry (A1)
  • Technology of Construction Materials and Production Space Rocketry (A2)
  • Spacecraft and Engines (A3)
  • Initial Complexes of Rockets and Spacecraft (A4)
  • Management Processes (A5)
  • Engineering and Machine Geometry and Graphics (A6)
  • Theoretical Mechanics and Ballistics (A7)
  • Arms and Weapons Systems Faculty


  • Gun, Artillery and Rocket Weapons (E1)
  • Technology of Production of Artillery Systems and Ammunition (E2)
  • Ordnance and Munitions (E3)
  • High-energy Device Automatic Systems (E4)
  • Ecology and Life (E5)
  • Independent Information and Control Systems (E6)
  • Mechatronics and Control Faculty


  • Mechatronics and Robotics (H1)
  • Engineering and Quality Management (H2)
  • Information and Energy Technologies (H3)
  • Physics (H4)
  • Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics (H5)
  • Higher Mathematics (N6)
  • Electrical Engineering (H7)
  • Department of Information and Control Systems


  • Laser Technology (I1)
  • Information Processing Systems and Management (I3)
  • Radio-electronic Control Systems (I4)
  • Information Systems and Computer Technology (I5)
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics (I7)
  • Power Engineering Faculty


  • Engines and Aircraft Power Plant (K1)
  • Fracture Mechanics (K3)
  • Applied Mechanics, Automation and Control (K4)
  • Machine Parts (K5)
  • Plazmogazodinamika and Firing (K6)
  • Chemistry (K7)
  • International Research and Education Center BSTU-fest Synergy
  • International Industrial Management and Communications


  • Organization Management (P1)
  • Global Studies and Geopolitics (P2)
  • Economic Theory and Industrial Economics (P3)
  • Economics, Organization and Management of Production (P4)
  • Physical Education and Sport (P5)
  • Managing Technological Innovation (P6)
  • Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (P7)
  • Romano-Germanic (P8)
  • Philosophy (P10)
  • History (P12)
  • Notable alumni

  • Dmitriy Feodorovich Ustinov (Marshal of the USSR, the Minister of Defense of the USSR from July 30, 1976 to December 20, 1984)
  • Vladimir Fyedorovich Utkin (Chief designer of KB "Yuzhnoye", Dnepropetrovsk, the USSR, Two Times Hero of Socialist Labour, chief designer of the SS-18 "Satan" (R-36TM), SS-24 (RT-23) ICBMs)
  • Sergei Krikalev (cosmonaut)
  • Georgi Grechko (cosmonaut)
  • Vladimir Yakunin (head of Russian Railways)
  • Vladimir Okrepilov ([[academician of Russian Academy of Sciences RAS, general director of State Centre "Test-St.Petersburg"]])
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