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Ballad of Seodong

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Written by  Kim Young-hyun
Country of origin  South Korea
Final episode date  27 March 2006
Number of seasons  1

Directed by  Lee Byung-hoon
First episode date  5 September 2005
Network  Seoul Broadcasting System
Number of episodes  55
Ballad of Seodong Sullians World on Twitter quotPrincess Seonhwa from Ballad of Seo Dong
Also known as  Ballad of Suhdong Seodong's Song Song of the Prince
Genre  Period drama Romance Drama
Starring  Jo Hyun-jae Lee Bo-young Ryu Jin
Cast  Jo Hyun‑jae, Lee Bo‑young, Sulli, Ryu Jin, Kim Yeong‑ho
Similar  Lee San - Wind of the Palace, Hong Gil‑dong, Jumong, Pure in Heart, Dong Yi

Ballad of Seodong (Hangul: 서동요; Hanja: 薯童謠; RR: Seodong-yo) is a South Korean television series starring Jo Hyun-jae, Lee Bo-young and Ryu Jin. It aired on SBS from September 5, 2005 to March 21, 2006 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 55 episodes.


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The period drama is based on Seodong-yo, said to be one of Korea's oldest folk songs and its first hyangga. According to the Samguk Yusa ("Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms") from the Silla Kingdom, the song was written by Seodong, a commoner from the Baekje Kingdom. Hearing that Princess Seonhwa, daughter of King Jinpyeong of Silla, was beautiful, he writes a song saying that the princess visits Seodong's room every night, and it quickly spreads throughout the kingdom and beyond, until it reaches the palace in Silla. When her father hears the song, he condemns the innocent princess to exile. Seodong finds Seonhwa, marries her and takes her to Baekje, and they become the royal rulers of the country.

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Ballad of Seodong Ballad Of Seo Dong Korean Drama

Seodong is just a commoner, a technician who grew up in Baekje's prestigious science and technology institute Taehaksa, but his life is on the brink of extraordinary change. He meets and falls for Princess Seonhwa of the rival kingdom Silla, and his love for her transcends social position. Seodong also carries a secret that could alter the fate of the Baekje kingdom, but his rival Sataek Giru plots with Buyeo Seon to disrupt his plans.


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