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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Trombidiformes
Family  Erythraeidae
Rank  Genus
Subclass  Acari
Balaustium Balaustium leanderi Supplementary material

Similar  Erythraeidae, Balaustium murorum, Parasitengona, Bryobia, Balaustium medicagoense

A mite bringing out the best of us balaustium leanderi

Balaustium is a genus of mites belonging to the family Erythraeidae. These are large red mites with one or two pairs of eyes set well back on the body.


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Red wall mite balaustium murorum confirmed


Species include:

Balaustium Flickriver Most interesting photos tagged with balaustium

  • Balaustium aonidophagus (Ebeling)
  • Balaustium angustum
  • Balaustium bipilum
  • Balaustium cristatum
  • Balaustium dowelli (Smiley)
  • Balaustium graminum
  • Balaustium insularum
  • Balaustium kendalli (Welbourn)
  • Balaustium lapidarium
  • Balaustium madeirense
  • Balaustium medicagoense
  • Balaustium murorum (Hermann, 1804)
  • Balaustium putmani (Smiley)
  • Balaustium tardum
  • Balaustium vignae

  • Balaustium Balaustium leanderi Supplementary material

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    Balaustium Mite Balaustium BugGuideNet


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