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Baker Street Irregulars

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Created by  Arthur Conan Doyle
Creator  Arthur Conan Doyle
Nationality  British
Baker Street Irregulars THE BAKER STREET IRREGULARS a bit of background and history welcome
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The Baker Street Irregulars are fictional characters who appear in various Sherlock Holmes stories, as street children who are employed by Holmes as intelligence agents. The name has subsequently been adopted by other organizations, most notably a prestigious and exclusive literary society founded in the United States by Christopher Morley in 1934.


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Sherlock holmes and the baker street irregulars


Baker Street Irregulars Baker Street Irregulars

The original Baker Street Irregulars are fictional characters featured in the Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. The group of street urchins is led by an older boy called Wiggins, whom Holmes paid a shilling per day (plus expenses), with a guinea prize (worth one pound and one shilling) for a vital clue, to collect data for his investigations.

Baker Street Irregulars Baker Street Irregulars

The group appears in the first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study In Scarlet (1887). They also appear in the next novel, The Sign of the Four (1890), in which one of the chapters is titled "The Baker Street Irregulars".

The Baker Street Irregulars ("my Baker Street boys") later appear in "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" (1893).

Literary society

The Baker Street Irregulars is an organization of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts founded in 1934 by Christopher Morley. The nonprofit organization numbers some 300 individuals worldwide. The group has published The Baker Street Journal — an "irregular quarterly of Sherlockiana" — since 1946.

Notable members

Notable members of the Baker Street Irregulars include the following:

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