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Baked bean sandwich

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Type  Sandwich
Main ingredients  Bread, Baked beans
Place of origin  United States of America
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Similar  Bread, Baked beans, Tomato sandwich, Ham sandwich, Bacon sandwich

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The baked bean sandwich is a meal consisting of baked beans and butter between two slices of bread.



Baked bean sandwich Baked Bean Sandwich What to Do with Leftover Baked Beans New

Recipes for a baked bean sandwich can be traced from as early as 1909. One book entitled "Cooking For Two" by Janet Mckenzie Hill suggests such a recipe as a "substitute for meatless cooking", and is a much more elaborate sandwich compared to its most common manifestation today.

Early recipes

Baked bean sandwich Baked bean sandwich Wikipedia

Many early recipes describe essentially the same product that has become popular today, however in addition they incite elaborate additions of garnish and dressing. Janet McKenzie Hill suggests:

Baked bean sandwich Baked Bean Sandwich What to Do with Leftover Baked Beans New
Butter two slices of Boston Brown Bread; on one of these dispose a heart leaf of lettuce holding one teaspoon of salad dressing; above the dressing set a generous tablespoon of cold, baked beans, then another lettuce leaf and dressing; finish with a second slice of bread, a tablespoonful of beans, a floweret of cauliflower, and a teaspoonful of dressing over the cauliflower.


Baked bean sandwich Baked Beans Sandwich Recipe

Baked bean sandwiches have probably become popular because they are very cheap to produce, are reasonably filling, and are extremely quick to prepare. Baked beans are also being more widely regarded – and marketed – as being "healthy" (although this fact is disputed) increasing their popularity.

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Baked bean sandwich Wikipedia