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Bakalinsky District

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Coat of arms  Flag
Administrative center  selo of Bakaly
Rural localities  96
Founded  1930
Country  Russia
Selsoviets  17
Area  1,951 km²
Bakalinsky District
Federal subject  Republic of Bashkortostan

Bakalinsky District (Russian: Бакали́нский райо́н; Bashkir: Баҡалы районы; Tatar: Бакалы районы) is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the fifty-four in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. It is located in the west of the republic and borders with Ilishevsky District in the northeast, Chekmagushevsky District in the east, Sharansky District in the south, and with the Republic of Tatarstan in the west and northwest. The area of the district is 1,951 square kilometers (753 sq mi). Its administrative center is the rural locality (a selo) of Bakaly. As of the 2010 Census, the total population of the district was 28,776, with the population of Bakaly accounting for 33.3% of that number.


Map of Bakalinsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia


The district is located around the Bugulminskoye-Belebey Mountains sloping gently to the north in the valley of the Belaya River. The climate is continental with moderate humidity. In the elevated part of the watershed it is characterized by mixed deciduous forests, with oak, birch, and aspen. Forests cover 44% of the area and there are several oil fields, such as Mustafinskoye and Katayevskoye.


The district was established on August 20, 1930.

Administrative and municipal status

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Bakalinsky District is one of the fifty-four in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The district is divided into seventeen selsoviets, comprising ninety-six rural localities. As a municipal division, the district is incorporated as Bakalinsky Municipal District. Its seventeen selsoviets are incorporated as seventeen rural settlements within the municipal district. The selo of Bakaly serves as the administrative center of both the administrative and municipal district.


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