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Azhar Mansor

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Azhar Mansor

Azhar Mansor Bukti nyata Dato39 Azhar murtad jahilGoBlogNet

Tania Aebi, Gerry Hughes (sailor), Alex Thomson (sailor)

February 11, 1958 (age 63) Perlis, Malaysia

Berita Lama TV3 Pelayaran Bersejarah Datuk Azhar Mansor 1999

Dato' Azhar Mansor is the first Malaysian to sail solo around the world. He made his trip in 1999, sailing the ship Jalur Gemilang. His round the world trip, with stops, took 190 days, 6 hours 57 minutes and 2 seconds


Azhar Mansor MAHAGURU58 Azhar Mansor Is he also an apostate

A rumour was widely spread in Malaysia by text messaging alleging that he had renounced Islam, and that he was a Christian living in Australia. This rumour turned out to be false, however, as he is still in charge of the Telaga Harbour marina in Langkawi, Malaysia. Azhar has repeatedly denied all rumours that he had converted as of 10 November 2006.

Azhar Mansor Bukti nyata Dato39 Azhar murtad jahilGoBlogNet


Azhar Mansor Datuk Azhar Mansor Updates LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON

Despite his personal life, Datuk Azhar has managed to set a new world record via an Eastabout route, attempted by no-one and has been verified by the WSSRC (World Speed Sailing Record Council) as an official record.

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Azhar is currently based in Langkawi managing Telaga Harbour Park, one of Malaysia's finest marinas.


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