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Azazel (film)

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Director  Aleksandr Adabashyan
Initial release  March 10, 2002 (Russia)
Language  Russian
6.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Mystery
First episode date  March 10, 2002
Country  Russia
Azazel (film) movie poster
Writer  Boris Akunin (novel), Boris Akunin (screenplay)
Film series  The Adventures of Erast Fandorin
Cast  Ilya Noskov (Erast Petrovich Fandorin), Sergei Bezrukov (Ivan Frantsevich Brilling), Marina Neyolova (Lady Esther), Sergey Chonishvili (Ippolit Aleksandrovich Zurov), Larisa Borushko (Amaliya Kazimirovna Bezhetskaya), Marina Aleksandrova (Lizanka von Evert-Kolokoltseva)
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Azazel (2002) (Russian: Азазель) is a Russian made for TV adaptation of Boris Akunin's introductory 'Erast Fandorin' novel The Winter Queen.


Azazel (film) movie scenes

Plot summary

Azazel (film) movie scenes

This historical detective story features a young police inspector, Erast Fandorin. Fandorin’s adventures take place in the Russian Empire of the late 19th century, and he regularly finds himself at the center of key historical events, including development of Masonic and Revolutionary movements.

The hero is a young man, newly enlisted in the police force of the 1870s. This is a world with no forensic science, a rigid social structure and rigid proprieties, and police investigation techniques which respect the intuition of the intelligent amateur or newcomer. Fandorin is inexperienced, naive, downwardly mobile (the family fortune having evaporated), but cultured, intelligent, diligent, and desperately enthusiastic. He doesn't so much want to impress as want to succeed ... by a process of blind self-confidence and a youthful self-delusion that he is acting logically and scientifically. Fandorin is invited to investigate the suicide of a rich student. The young man has shot himself in public, but something seems strange about the suicide. Fandorin quickly exposes the murderous intrigue which has led to the death ... and opens up a can of worms which will have him crossing Europe in search of a mastermind ... or maybe even the godfathers behind a terrorist plot.


  • Ilya Noskov – Erast Petrovich Fandorin
  • Sergey Bezrukov – Ivan Franzevich Brilling
  • Marina Aleksandrova – Elizaveta von Evert-Kolokoltseva
  • Oleg Basilashvili – General Mizinov
  • Sergei Chonishvili – Ippolit Alexandrovich Zurov
  • Marina Neyolova – Lady Esther
  • Yuri Avsharov – Georg
  • Felix Antipov – Xavery Feofilaktovich Grushin
  • Larisa Borushko – Amalia Kazimirovna Bezhetskaya
  • Dmitry Burkhankin – Kokorin
  • Valentin Golubenko – Klaus
  • Yevgeni Grishkovetz – Achimas Velde
  • English language version

    Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven was set to film an English-language theatrical film remake of Azazel, titled "The Winter Queen", with Dan Stevens set to star as Fandorin and the leading female role to be played by Milla Jovovich. This movie was cancelled.


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