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Aydin Mirzazade

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Religion  Islam

Name  Aydin Mirzazade
Party  New Azerbaijan Party
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Born  22 July 1957 (age 58) Mingachevir, Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union (1957-07-22)

Political party  New Azerbaijan Party

Aydin Mirzazade - Day.Az Radio Interview Part 1

Aydin Mirzezade - (Azerbaijani: 'Mirzəzade Aydın Böyükkişi oğlu',born on 2 July 1957) is a deputy in the National Assembly of Azerbaijan.


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Aydin Mirzezade was born on July 2, 1957 in the city of Mingachevir. He finished high school No 10 in 1974. In 1975 entered the Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute, Construction faculty, Division of Industrial and Civil Construction. He graduated from the Institute in 1980 and became of civil engineer.

In 1980 worked as construction master of the mobile mechanized division of No 1315 located in Rjev town of Tver oblast of the USSR. (Russia)

He served in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces during 1980-82.

During 1982-93, he worked in different positions in the construction of Azerbaijan's QRES in Mingechevir.

In 1992 he graduated with honours from the Academy of Public Administration under The Prezident Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 1993 assistant and Deputy Head of Mingechevir Town Executive Government.

Between the years of 1997-2000 Sector Manager of the social and political department of the Presidential Apparatus of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He took part in the establishment of the New Azerbaijan Party's Minghachevir branch and led it during 1992-99.

He was elected to the membership of the Political Council of the New Azerbaijan Party at the New Azerbaijan Party I (1999), II (2001) and III (2005) Congresses.

He was elected to a second Milli Mejlis term of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He is currently member of the Milli Mejlis elected from Mingechevir Constituency No 47 and Deputy Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of the Parliament.

In 2001 he defended a thesis for obtaining the degree of Candidate on "Peculiarities of forming of the multiparty system in the Republic of Azerbaijan".

He was named "Deputy of the year" upon results of survey conducted among parliamentary journalists during 2002-2009.

He was a representative of the presidential candidate Heydar Aliyev in 2003 and Representative of the presidential candidate Ilham Aliyev at the pre-electoral period in 2008.

An expert of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia.

A candidate of Political sciences, at present working to defend a thesis for obtaining the degree of PHD

The author of ten books.

He speaks two foreign languages: Russian and English.

He is married, with two children.

Aydin Mirzazade's books

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  2. Yeni Azərbaycan Partiyasi: yaranması, formalaşması və əsas fəaliyyət istiqamətləri. Bakı, 2002-ci il ( New Azerbaijan Party : Creation, formation and primary activity directions, Baku, 2002)
  3. Demokratiya plyus. Bakı, 2004-ci il (Democracy plus. Baku, 2004)
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