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Country  Turkey
Elevation  59 m
University  Adnan Menderes University
Area  627.22 km2
Mayor  Ozlem Cercioglu (CHP)
Population  195,951

Aydin ( eye-din; formerly named Guzelhisar and Tralles) is a city in and the seat of Aydin Province in Turkeys Aegean Region. The city is located at the heart of the lower valley of Buyuk Menderes River (ancient Meander River) at a commanding position for the region extending from the uplands of the valley down to the seacoast. Its population was 188337 in 2010. Aydin city is located along a region which was famous for its fertility and productivity since ancient times. Figs remain the provinces best-known crop, although other agricultural products are also grown intensively and the city has some light industry.


Map of Aydin

At the crossroads of a busy transport network of several types, a six-lane motorway connects Aydin to Izmir, Turkeys second port, in less than an hour, and in still less time to the international Adnan Menderes Airport, located along the road between the two cities. A smaller airport, namely Aydin Airport, is located a few kilometers in the South-East of Aydin. The region of Aydin also pioneered the introduction of railways into Turkey in the 19th century and still has the densest railroad network.

The most beautiful places in aydin turkey

The province of Aydin is also where a number of internationally known historic sites and centers of tourism are concentrated.

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The weather is hot in summer, and warm all year round.

Aydin also has the distinction of being the largest urban center in Turkey administered by a female mayor, Mrs. Ozlem Cercioglu elected in 2009.


According to Strabo Tralles was founded by the Argives and Trallians, a Thracian tribe. Along with the rest of Lydia, the city fell to the Persian Empire. After its success against Athens in the Peloponnesian War, Sparta unsuccessfully sought to take the city from the Persians, but in 334 BC, Tralles surrendered to Alexander the Great without resistance and therefore was not sacked. Alexanders general Antigonus held the city from 313 to 301 BC and later the Seleucids held the city until 190 BC when it fell to Pergamon. From 133 to 129 BC, the city supported Aristonicus of Pergamon, a pretender to the Pergamene throne, against the Romans. After the Romans defeated him, they revoked the citys right to mint coins.

Tralles was a conventus for a time under the Roman Republic, but Ephesus later took over that position. The city was taken by rebels during the Mithridatic War during which many Roman inhabitants were killed. Tralles suffered greatly from an earthquake in 26 BC. Augustus provided funds for its reconstruction after which the city thanked him by renaming itself Caesarea.

Strabo describes the city as a prosperous trading center, listing famous residents of the city, including Pythodoros (native of Nysa), and orators Damasus Scombrus and Dionysocles. Several centuries later, Anthemius of Tralles, architect of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, was born in Tralles.


In the 1920s, Aydin was noted for its cotton and grain production.


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