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Ayal Adler

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Era  Contemporary
Name  Ayal Adler
Role  Composer

Ayal Adler
Full Name  אייל אדלרif still living) No flag icons. >

Ayal adler reminiscence after alban berg moshe aharonov and amit dolberg

Ayal Adler (Hebrew: אייל אדלר; born in Jerusalem is a musician, composer,and a lecturer in theory and composition. Mr. Adler serves as Chair ,Israeli Composers' League, and Chair, Composition and Conducting Department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


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Ayal adler mandolin concerto jacob reuven mandolin


Ayal Adler was born in Jerusalem. After receiving a diploma in piano and composition from the Rubin Conservatory, he enrolled in the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. There, he completed a B.Mus. and an Artist Diploma in composition (with Honors). He then pursued a Doctoral degree in composition at McGill University in Montreal.

Adler is a senior lecturer of composition and theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance since 2001. He held the positions of: Dean of Students of the Academy; Head of the composition department of the Cross-Disciplinary music program. He served at various committees, such as: Doctoral Committee; Academic Affairs Committee, and others. He also serves as a senior board member of the Israel Composers' League.

Adler wrote music in various genres, including solo, chamber, vocal and orchestral works. His music was recently performed in Israel by: Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Maestro Zubin Mehta; Camerata orchestra; Sinfonietta orchestra; Meitar Ensemble, etc. In recent years, his music was performed in the United States; Canada; Germany; Finland; England; Czech Republic; Russia; Rumania; Croatia; Taiwan and South Korea. His works were performed in the International Festivals of ISCM (2005) and ACL (2008 and 2011). His work Gate of Darkness was performed in the 2012 Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, and his new work Colors of dust was premiered in the Jerusalem International Festival in Berlin, April 2013, and also at the Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, September 2013. His recent work Resonating Sounds for large orchestra will be premiered by Daniel Barenboim and the West- Eastern DIVAN Orchestra in August 2014 at Theatro Colon, Buenos Aires, and also at Lucerne Festival, Salzburg Festival and BBC Proms.

Adler won several awards, including: Prime Minister Award for Composers, 2008; Commissions from the America-Israel Cultural Fund; 'The year achievement" award (Acum prize) for "Quintet" (2012); an Acum prize for Crystallization for large orchestra (2003); a Fulbright Grant for Doctoral Studies (1997); Dean's Honorary Prize (1996). He was the composer-in-residence for Meitar ensemble from 2006 -2012, and currently serves as the ensemble's Advisor. He was also nominated Composer-in-Residence for: McGill Symphony (2000), McGill Chamber Orchestra (1999) and Visby International Center for Composers (summer of 2011).

Four compact discs containing his works were released in recent years. His music is published by the Israel Music Institute (IMI) and Israeli Music Center (IMC). His works are often recorded and played on the Israeli Radio, and were played on Radio France.


  • Resonating Sounds, for large orchestra (2014). 12 min
  • Colors of dust, for fl, cl, vn, vc, pno (2013). 14 min
  • Solitary, I return from the night (2012). Three songs for soprano and orchestra. Texts: David Vogel. 15 min
  • Postlude, for a large ensemble (2010). 10'.
  • Allegretto Misterioso for Two Pianos (2010). 13'.
  • Two Short Pieces for piano (2010). 7'.
  • Quintet for pno,fl, cl, vn and vc (2009). 15'.
  • Or Haganuz, for a large ensemble (2007). 20'.
  • At the Gate of Darkness (2006), two songs for mezzo soprano, fl, cl, bsn, vn, vc and pno. Texts: David Vogel: As night approaches; At the gate of Darkness. 14'.
  • Reminiscence (2005) for violin and piano. 18'.
  • Circles in Time (2004) for fl, cl, vc, prc and pno. 14'.
  • Shades.. to Colors (2003) for piano and string quartet. 12'.
  • Crystallization (2001) for large orchestra. 17'.
  • Voyages (1999) for orchestra. 10'.
  • Dialogues (1998) for piano and large ensemble (12 players). 14'.
  • Misterioso (1997) for piano. Dedicated to Mark Kopytman's 70th anniversary. 6'.
  • Largo (1997) for violin and orchestra. 14'.
  • Two Pieces for piano(1996): Allegro Agitato; Andante Sostenuto. 10'. -
  • String Quartet (1995) in four movements. 14'.
  • Five Short Pieces for Clarinet (1995). 10'.
  • Three Songs for Women's Choir (1994): Kirya Yefeifia; Se'I Yona; Nitzanim Nir'u Ba'aretz. 13'.
  • Public Performances

  • Colors of Dust (2013) for fl, cl, vn, vc and pno. Roi Amotz- flute, Pascal Moragues- clarinet. Michael Barenboim- violin, Timothy Parks- cello. Yaron Kolberg- piano. David Coleman- cond. International Chamber Music Festival, September 2013, YMCA Jerusalem
  • Quintet, Piano& Ensemble. Ensemble Meitar, Guy Feder, cond. May 2013:
  • Yale University. New Haven
  • Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth
  • Chapelle Historique de Bon-Pasteur, Montreal
  • Colors of Dust. Claudia Stain. Intonation Chamber Music Festival. Jewish Museum Berlin, May 2013. Premiere
  • Solitary, I return from the night (2012), three songs for soprano and orchestra. Texts: David Vogel. Camerata Orchestra, Ariane matiakh, cond. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rehovot, October 2012. Premiere-
  • Crystallization for large orchestra 2002), new version. Israeli Philharmonic orchestra, Zubin Mehta.cond. Tel Aviv, October 2012
  • Reminiscence for violin and piano. Moshe Aharonov, violin. Amit Dolberg, piano. "Nuovi Spazi Musicali" Festival, Rome. October 2012
  • At the Gate of Darkness for mezzo soprano and ensemble. Ayelet Amotz, mezzo, Meitar Ensemble. Daniel Cohen, cond. The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival. September 2012
  • Encounters, for piano and two percussions players. Gili Luftos, piano. Lev Luftos and Dana Luftus, percussion. Jerusalem Music Center, May 2012. Premiere
  • Quintet, Piano& Ensemble. Ensemble Meitar, Guy Feder, cond. Sounds of Israel Festival, Hamburg.; New Music Festival, Dresden. February 2012
  • Quintet, Piano& Ensemble. Ensemble Meitar, Guy Feder, cond. "Desert Sounds" Festival, Sde Boker. January 2012-
  • Allegretto Misterioso for Two Pianos. Commissioned by Adele and John Gray Fund of AICF. Yuval Admoni an Tami Kanazawa, pianos. Hateiva, - June 2011. Premiere
  • Postlude, for a large ensmble. Meitar ensemble and guests. Einav Music Hall, Tel Aviv; Jerusalem Theatre. February 2011. Premiere-
  • Two Pieces for Piano. Chag Hamusika, Tel Aviv Museum, October 2010
  • Crystallisation for large orchestra. Rishon LeZion Orchestra, Ilan Volkov, cond. May 2010. Premiere-
  • Quintet, Piano& Ensemble. Ensemble Meitar. Israel Music Conservatory Concert Series, Einav Hall Tel Aviv, January 2010. Premiere-
  • Misterioso for piano. Amit Dolberg, piano. Contemporary Music Festival, Latvia. October 2009; Hateiva,Tel Aviv( as part of Trio Mouzar concert). June 2009
  • At the Gate of Darkness, for mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello and piano; Meitar Ensemble. Hag Hamusika, Givataim Theatre. September 2009
  • At the Gate of Darkness, Meitar Ensemble. Jerusalem Music Center; Hateiva, Tel Aviv. May 2009
  • Reminiscence for violin and piano. Moshe Aharonov, violin. Amit Dolberg, piano. Hateiva. September 2008
  • Misterioso for piano. Amit Dolberg, piano. Hateiva; Jerusalem Music Center. June 2008
  • Shades... to Colors for Piano and String Quartet (2003). Meitar Ensemble. Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme, Paris. April 2008
  • Shades... to Colors; Tel Aviv Chamber Music Society. Einav Hall, Tel Aviv. March 2008
  • Or Haganuz, for large ensemble; 21st Century Ensemble, Doron Salomon, cond. Hateiva; Jerusalem Music Center (Heritage Memorial Fund& America- Israel Cultural Fund. February 2008
  • November 2007.- Circles in Time for fl,cl,vc,prc,pno; Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillacourt, cond; Universite de Montreal. Contemporary Music Week
  • Voyages for Orchestra. Revised version, Israeli Premiere. Israel Sinfonietta, Doron Solomon, cond. Hag Hamusika, Be'er Sheva September 2007
  • At the Gate of Darkness for mezzo soprano, fl, cl, bsn, vn, vc and pno. Synergy ensemble, Los Angeles. May 2007
  • Misterioso for piano; Amit Dolberg,piano; Levontin 7, Tel Aviv. December 2006.
  • Reminiscence for Violin and Piano; Moshe Aharonov (violin) and Amit Dolberg (piano) .Biennale-Festival of New Music, opening concert, Tel Aviv Museum. November 2006
  • Reminiscence for Violin and Piano; Moshe Aharonov and Amit Dolberg; ISAM Festival, Michelstadt, Germany. August 2006
  • Dialogues for Piano and Chamber Ensemble. 21st Century Ensemble, Zsolt Nagy, cond. Jerusalem Music Center; Tel Aviv Museum. June 2006
  • At the Gate of Darkness, for mezzo soprano, fl, cl, bsn, vn, vc and pno.Meitar Ensemble. Jerusalem Music Center; Einav Center, Tel Aviv. May 2006. Premiere
  • Reminiscence for Violin and Piano. Assaf Levi and Amit Dolberg. March 2006.
  • Tempera, Finland-
  • Helsinki Museum, Finland-
  • Royal Academy, Stockholm-
  • Yehudi Menuhin School, London -
  • Jewish Museum, London-
  • Guildhall Music School, London-
  • Keel University, Keel, England-
  • Ha'teiva, Tel Aviv- Yaffo. Premiere -
  • Shades... to Colors for Piano and String Quartet (2003. Musica Nova Group. Felicia Blumenthal Hall, Tel Aviv; Ha'teiva. February 2006
  • Circles in Time for fl,cl,vc,prc,pno. Kaprizma Ensemble; Jerusalem Music Center. June 2005-
  • Poljak,piano; 2005 ISCM World Music Days, Zagreb; Matica Hrvatska Hall. April 2005
  • Shades to Colors for piano and string quartet. Porin String Quartet, Srebrenka-
  • Circles in Time; Musica Nova Ensemble, Constantia Gorcki, cond. Tel Aiv Museum. March 2004-
  • Shades to Colors for piano and string quartet; Israel Contemporary String Quartet, Yuval Admoni, piano. Jerusalem Music Center. March 2003. Premiere-
  • Voyages for orchestra; Bucharest Academy Orchestra, Dorel Pascu, cond. George Enescu Hall, Bucharest. March 2003
  • Misterioso for piano; Jana Macharakova, piano. Contemporary Music Week, Martinu Hall, Prague. December 2002.
  • Misterioso for piano; Bart Berman, piano. Felicia Blumenthal Hall, Tel Aviv.-
  • Misterioso for piano. the 10th Festival-Biennial of New Music. Opperman Music Hall, Tallahassee. January 2001-
  • Misterioso for piano. Ido Aiel, piano.Weiss Hall, Jerusalem. February 2000-
  • Voyages for orchestra. McGill University Chamber Orchestra .Stewart Grant, cond. Pollack Hall, Montreal. February 1999. Premiere
  • Dialogues for piano and chamber ensemble; Johanna Sobkowska,piano. Festival-Biennial of New Music, Florida State University, Opperman Hall, Tallahassee. February 1999
  • July 1998. Premiere Misterioso for piano; Daniel Wiessner, piano. Dvorak Museum, Prague-
  • Dialogues for piano and chamber ensemble. McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble Denys Bouliane, cond. Pollack Hall, Montreal. April 1998. Premiere
  • Composition Recital, Rubin Academy Concert Hall, Jerusalem, June 1995:-
  • String Quartet; "The Golden Strings" Quartet -
  • Five Short Pieces for Clarinet; Liran Berman, clarinet-
  • Three Songs for Women's Choir; members of the "Cantus" Choir-
  • Two Pieces for Piano; Ayal Adler, piano
  • Discography

  • Gate of Darkness, for mezzo soprano and :"Ensemble Meitar, 2010"
  • 'REMISCENCE', works 2003-2009. Sponsored by the Israeli Composers' League
  • Reminiscence for Violin and Piano, in: "Ensemble Meitar, 2008"
  • Voyages for orchestra, in: "Music in Time", 2005, a publication of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
  • Ayal Adler - 'WORKS 1997-1999'. Including: Misterioso; Voyages; Dialogues. Sponsored by Jerusalem Municipality, Culture Department. Jerusalem, 2002
  • Articles

  • "Tristan Murail and Spectral Music", Music in Time 2005, pp. 87–91*
  • Education

  • 1986: Diploma in Piano, Jerusalem Conservatory of Music-
  • 1995: B.Mus in Composition, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
  • 1997: Artist Diploma in Composition (with Honors), Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
  • 2002: Doctorate in Music Composition (DMA), McGill University
  • References

    Ayal Adler Wikipedia

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