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Ayagawa Goroji

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Name  Ayagawa Goroji
Died  March 14, 1765
Height  2.00 m
Martial art  Sumo
Role  Sumo wrestler
Makuuchi rank  Yokozuna
Weight  150 kg
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Similar People  Maruyama Gondazaemon, Akashi Shiganosuke, Sakaigawa Namiemon, Tanikaze Kajinosuke, Miyagiyama Fukumatsu

Ayagawa Goroji (綾川五郎次, c. 1703 – March 14, 1765) was a sumo wrestler. He is formally recognised as the second yokozuna.

Ayagawa came from Tochigi prefecture and was promoted to ozeki in 1717. According to tradition, he was the strongest wrestler in the Genbun era. He was a famous sumo wrestler in Edo, Osaka and Kyoto. The 17th Oikaze of the Yoshida family, allowed Ayagawa to be his pupil. Very little is known about his sumo career. He was of legendary size, perhaps 2 m (6 ft 7 in) tall and 150 kg (330 lb) in weight.

He died on March 14, 1765. His grave can be found in Tochigi.

It was not until over 150 years after his death that he was recognised as the 2nd yokozuna by later yokozuna Jinmaku when he was compiling a formal list for a monument.

His career predates banzuke and tournament records so no record of his rank and bouts exists.


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