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Aviv 613 Vodka

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Type  Vodka
Introduced  2013 in United States
Proof (US)  80
Country of origin  Israel
Alcohol by volume  40.0%
Manufacturer  Tzfat Spirits of Israel,LLC

AVIV 613 Vodka is super premium vodka produced and bottled in Israel. It is distilled 4 times from pomegranates, dates, grapes, figs, olives, wheat, and barley. AVIV is made by a family of vodka artisans whose ancestors moved from the Russian Empire to the Kabbalistic town of Tzfat in 1824. The water in AVIV is harvested from natural aquifers underneath Israel and from Lake Tiberius, also known as the Sea of Galilee. AVIV’s formulation of grain and fruit alcohol produces a complex taste profile which is slightly sweeter than typical grain vodkas. The AVIV brand is positioned as an Israeli vodka that is ultra-smooth with a slightly sweet finish. The AVIV brand is also positioned as a vodka from the Holy Land with hidden, positive, spiritual messaging delivered by its glass bottle composition; bottle design, cap and bottle decoration. AVIV’s promotion tagline is “We Believe In The Power of Good Thoughts™”


Concept and Launch

The idea for AVIV 613 was conceived in 2004 by Founder & CEO Marc Grossfield when he went to Israel and met with Yossi Gold, AVIV’s master distiller. AVIV’s parent company, Tzfat Spirits of Israel, LLC, was organized in the State of Minnesota (originally as Sfat Spirits of Israel, LLC) on August 27, 2004. AVIV 613 Vodka was officially launched in Minnesota on November 27, 2013. It took Yossi Gold 3 years to develop the recipe and formulation process.

Ingredients, Production, and Bottle Symbolism

Aviv uses the seven ingredients from the Bible and that have spiritual significance. The grain alcohol and fruit alcohol is distilled and filtered separately Three times each, then blended and distilled One time (a total of four distillations), then filtered six times. The numbers "613" in its brand name refer to this 316 process (Hebrew reads right to left) in its physical definition. The numbers have a spiritual reference as well: The 613 laws of the Torah which are the same five books (First Testament) of the Christian Bible. Even though it is distilled using wheat, it passes the FDA labeling requirements to be labeled gluten-free. It is also kosher by four Israeli certification including the Orthodox Union. The bottle is triangular shaped and made with sand from the Negev Desert. It has Kabbalah symbols as well as the Hebrew alphabet on one side, the phrase "Celebrate Life" written in 27 languages on another, and the back is frosted with a brief brand story.

Awards and Acclaim

Aviv has received 6 Gold Medals, 4 for taste and 2 for package design. In addition to the awards, it was featured in the 2014 Academy Awards swag bags along with other luxury products.


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