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Avi Weinroth

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Nationality  Israeli
Role  Author
Name  Avi Weinroth

Religion  Jewish
Education  Bachelor of Laws
Avi Weinroth
Occupation  Owner and general manager of Dr. Avi Weinroth & Co. Law firm

Adv. Dr. Avraham Weinroth is the owner and general manager of Dr. Avi Weinroth & Co. Law firm. Dr. Avi Weinroth is the brother of Dr. Jacob Weinroth. He is also a researcher, lecturer at the law faculty of Tel Aviv uninversity and is the author of leading books and important articles. Dr. Avi Weinroth specializes in Litigation and Commercial Law and represents leading corporations in Israel and governmental companies.



Dr. Avi Weinroth was born in Israel in 1963. He studied at Rav Amiel Yeshiva "Ha'Yishuv Ha'Hadash" and later at the high rabbinical college Yeshivat Ateret Israel in Jerusalem. Dr. Avi Weinroth served in the Israel Defense Forces at the Military Rabbinate and was ordained as a Rabbi on 1984. He received his B.A and M.A, (summa cum laude), from Bar-Ilan University and his PhD from Tel Aviv University(part of the research was done in the McGill University in Montreal Canda). Dr. Avi Weinroth's Thesis for the master's degree was on "Exemption from income tax in a public institution" under the supervision of Dr. A. Namdar. His Doctoral thesis was on "The Application of Public Administrative Law to Governmental Companies" - supervised by Prof. A. Rosen-Tsvi (o.b.m) and Dr. I. Haviv-Segal. Both thesises were published as leading books in their fields. Dr. Avi Weinroth interned at the law firm of Adv. Hanan Melcer who is today a Supreme Court judge and at S. Horowitz & Co.(Dr. Amnon Goldberg o.b.m). Dr. Weinroth began practicing law in 1989 at Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. (his brother's firm) and with years became a Senior Partner. In 2014 Dr. Weinroth founded his own law firm called Dr.Avi Weinroth & Co. Dr. Avraham Weinroth lectures at Tel Aviv University and at legal seminars for lawyers and judges. Dr. Weinroth was the legal advisor to Magen David Adom and Amidar (company), and represented governmental companies such as the National Roads Company of Israel.


Dr. Weinroth is the author of books and numerous publications in law and Jewish Law as well as Jewish philosophy and thought. The following is a partial list of his books:

  • Governmental Corporations - The Application of Public Administrative Law, Bursi Publishers, Tel Aviv, 5755.
  • Taxation of Non Profit Institutions (Income Tax and V.A.T), Choshen Lamishpat publishers, 5752.
  • Interest, Shoav Publishers Ltd., 5758
  • Loan Laws, co authored with Dr. Barak Medina Bursy Publishers, 5760.
  • Conditioning Service by Service at a Banking Corporation, co authored with Boaz Edelstein, Shoav Publishers Ltd., 5761.
  • Bank Guarantees – Expanded Second Edition, Shoav Publishers Ltd., 5770.
  • Feminism and Judaism, Yedioth Ahronoth Publishers, 5761.
  • Theft and Plunder – Fundamental Chapters - the Rabbi Kook Institution Publishers, 5762.
  • Maamarei Avraham - Articles in Jewish Law, Dr. Avraham Weinroth, 1982.
  • Spiritualism and Judaism – The Ministry of Defense Publishers, as part of a series of the Broadcast University, 5756.
  • Discretion in Halacha-Science Relations, Machshavot Publishers, 1992.
  • Faith in G-D versus Human Effort (Bitahon ve Hishtadlus), 5767 (published by the Feldheim Publishers). This book won the Jerusalem Prize for Torah and Literature 2008. This book appeared also in English on 2013.
  • The Value of Life in Jewish Law, published by the Feldheim Publishers,2010.
  • Father's Wisdom: Articles Pertaining to Biblical Issues, published by Shoav Publishers Ltd., 5773.
  • Publications

  • Social Justice in the Halacha. The article won first prize in a contest held by Shabaton in Israel.
  • Revenge in the Punishment System, The Ministry of Justice
  • On Theft, Plunder, and what Lies between Them, The Ministry of Justice
  • Women in Judicial Proceeding, The Ministry of Justice .
  • Risk of Life at War Time, The Ministry of Justice,
  • Responsibility of the Guard in an Insured Property, The Ministry of Justice
  • Torah and Derech Eretz - Studying a profession and secular studies, The Ministry of Justice
  • The Value of Peace - as a basic norm, The Ministry of Justice
  • Breaking a Commitment to Donate Bone Marrow, "Asia", a periodical of Medicine, Ethics and Halacha (Shlezinger Institute), journal 89-90, Aug, 2011, Vol. 23.
  • The Essence of the Priestly Blessing, Dr. Avi Weinroth – A lesson in the memory of Rabbi Moshe Aharon Weinroth o.b.m.
  • The Essence of Kaddish, Dr. Avi Weinroth – A lesson in memory of Rabbi Moshe Aharon Weinroth o.b.m.
  • References

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