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Autopsy Torment

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Genres  Death/Thrash metal
Origin  Halmstad, Sweden (1989)
Years active  1989–present
Genre  Death metal/black metal
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Associated acts  Tristitia Devil Lee Rot Pagan Rites Lords of the Grief Tormentorium Scyphian Dreams
Members  The Demon Thomas Karlsson Daniel Nilssen
Past members  Karl Vincent (Sexual Goat Licker) Onkel Thomas Hedlund
Albums  7th Ritual For The Darkest Soul Of Hell, Graveyard Creatures, Tormentorium
Record labels  Painkiller Records, Pulverised Records, Die Todesrune Records
Similar  Devil Lee Rot, Pagan Rites, Tristitia, Gasmask Terrör, Stench of Decay

Autopsy torment intro darkest rituals

Autopsy Torment is a Swedish death metal band, formed in 1989. The band was started by Thomas Karlsson, Autopsy Torment's frontman and singer, with Onkel on guitars. In 1991, the band became a trio with Karl Vincent (Sexual Goatlicker) on drums and Daniel Nilssen on guitar, and made the demo Darkest Rituals. Then followed a period of constant personnel changes, with Thomas Karlsson and Karl Vincent as the core members.


In 1992, the band split up and Karlsson started black metal band Pagan Rites, later becoming the vocalist for the doom band Tristitia. In 1999, the 1991 line-up re-formed with the addition of The Demon on bass. The band released the album Orgy With The Dead on Miriquidi Productions, and then Tormentorium. Karlsson is still actively working with his own project, Devil Lee Rot, and with Pagan Rites. Pulverized Records released an Autopsy Torment compilation album in 2008.

Autopsy torment blasphemy priest

Current line-up

  • Thomas Karlsson - vocals
  • (The rest of the line-up is currently unknown)

    Former members

  • The Demon - bass
  • Daniel Nilssen - guitar
  • David "Slaughter" Stranderud - guitar
  • Karl Vincent (Sexual Goat Licker) - drums
  • Onkel - guitars (first demo)
  • Thomas Hedlund - drums
  • Thomas Hedlund is not the same person that plays in Cult of Luna.


  • Jason Lives (Demo, 1989)
  • Splattered (Demo, 1990)
  • Darkest Rituals (Demo, 1991)
  • Moon Fog (EP, 1992)
  • Advanced Tape (Demo, 1992)
  • Nocturnal Blasphemy (Demo, 1992)
  • The Seventh Soul Of Hell (Demo, 1992)
  • Orgy With The Dead (LP, 2001)
  • Darkest Rituals (EP, 2002)
  • Premature Torment/Pagan From The Heat (Split with Devil Lee Rot, 2003)
  • Tormentorium (LP/CD, 2003)
  • Graveyard Creatures (LP, 2005)
  • 7th Ritual For The Darkest Soul Of Hell (Digi-CD, 2008)
  • Songs

    Kill Till I Die !Tormentorium · 2003
    TormentoriumTormentorium · 2003
    Human PuzzleTormentorium · 2003


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