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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Cactaceae
Tribe  Notocacteae
Higher classification  Cactus
Order  Caryophyllales
Subfamily  Cactoideae
Scientific name  Austrocactus
Rank  Genus
Austrocactus Austrocactus bertinii
Similar  Echinomastus, Cactus, Uebelmannia, Sclerocactus, Browningia

How we do it austrocactus

Austrocactus is a genus of cacti with ten species endemic of southern South America, in Argentina and Chile.


They have solitary or branched bodies, the ribs are usually divided into tubercules (except Austrocactus spiniflorus). The tallest species in this genus is 80 centimeters. Flowers are pink, orange, red or yellow with a characteristic spiny tube.

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Ribs divided into tubercles:

Austrocactus Austrocactus longicarpus
  • stems upright
  • large stems (>25 cm)
  • Austrocactus bertinii
  • Austrocactus dusenii – synonym of Austrocactus bertinii
  • Austrocactus intertextus sensu Speg.
  • Austrocactus patagonicus – synonym of Austrocactus bertinii
  • smaller stems (<25 cm)
  • Austrocactus ferrarii
  • Austrocactus longicarpus
  • Austrocactus philippii
  • stems prostrate
  • stems with adventitious roots
  • Austrocactus colloncurensis
  • Austrocactus coxii
  • Austrocactus gracilis – synonym of Austrocactus coxii
  • Austrocactus hibernus
  • stems without adventitious roots
  • Austrocactus subandinus
  • Ribs smooth:

  • Austrocactus spiniflorus

  • Austrocactus Austrocactus bertinii
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    Austrocactus Austrocactus bertinii


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