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Australian Sports Medal

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Type  Medal
Awarded for  Sporting achievements
Established  23 December 1999
Eligibility  Australian Citizen
Status  Ceased
Description  Introduced to recognise Australian sporting achievements.

The Australian Sports Medal was an award given during 2000 to recognise achievements in Australian sport.


Recipients of the award included competitors, coaches, sports scientists, office holders, and people who maintained sporting facilities and services. Over 18,000 medals were awarded.


  • The medal is circular and made of nickel-silver with a highly polished finish. The obverse design symbolises Australian sport featuring the stars of the Southern Cross, and lines depicting the athletics track at the Australian Sports Stadium.
  • The reverse features the same lines as the obverse symbolising the athletics track, with the words ‘to commemorate Australian sporting achievement’ appearing in the raised rim of the medal. The reverse is also marked with the year ‘2000’.
  • The medal is suspended from a 32 mm ribbon by a connector piece and ring. The ribbon’s colours are Australia’s national sporting colours green and yellow.
  • History

    The Prime Minister announced the creation of the Australian Sports Medal on 31 December 1998.

    This commemorative medal was introduced to recognise Australian sporting achievements. The medal acknowledged a range of Australians who, in different ways, contributed to the nation’s sporting success. Recipients included former competitors, coaches, sports scientists, office holders, and people who maintain sporting facilities and services.

    The Australian Sports Medal was formally established on 23 December 1999 by Letters Patent.

    How it was awarded

    The Australian Sports Medal was awarded by the Governor-General.

    Most of the medals were presented to people following their nomination by the sports community. Peak sports bodies recognised or funded by the Australian Sports Commission were given quotas according to a formula based on the number of their registered competitors. All Australian parliamentarians could make nominations.

    The medals were progressively awarded during the year 2000.

    The Australian Sports Medal does not carry a post-nominal entitlement.


    The Australian Sports Medal has been awarded to various notable sportsmen and women and among them are:

  • Gary Ablett, Sr
  • Tim Macartney-Snape (2000). For Service To Mountaineering.
  • Willie Carne (2000). For contribution to Australia's international standing in the sport of rugby league
  • Cathy Freeman
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