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Australian Quidditch Association

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Abbreviation  AQA
Location  Australia
Founded  2011
Formation  2011
President  Nicholas Hirst
Australian Quidditch Association Play with the Western Australian Quidditch Association WAQA
Type  National sport organisation (NSO)
Legal status  Non-Profit Organisation
Parent organization  International Quidditch Association
Similar  International Quidditch Association, Quidditch Canada, US Quidditch

Australian Quidditch Association is the governing body of quidditch in Australia, and affiliated with the International Quidditch Association. It is governed by a board of 7 directors on a rotating 2-year term system.


Australian Quidditch Association Play with the Western Australian Quidditch Association WAQA

History and Organisation

Australian Quidditch Association Weird and Wonderful Hobbies in Sydney AroundYou

The AQA began in 2011 as a Facebook group intended to act as a network for quidditch teams and players within Australia to communicate with each other, become aware of local teams and resources, to set up matches, and to set up new teams. Australian Quidditch Association facilitates a team based membership for voting rights.

The association is run by a board of 7 directors with further volunteer staff.

State Tournaments

Australian Quidditch Association Harry Potter39s quidditch takes off in Melbourne

Due to the geographical separation of teams in different states, the majority of regular play in Australian Quidditch consists of state based tournaments.

Victoria Cup

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Organised by the Victorian Quidditch Association, the Victoria Cup is the year long state championship in Melbourne. The inaugural Victoria Cup in 2014 was won by the Monash Muggles, and followed on from other local tournaments.


Australian Quidditch Association Australian Quidditch Association

Organised by Quidditch New South Wales, the NSW Cup is the year long state championship in Sydney and surrounding cities. The NSW was held for the first time in 2015, and follows on from the prior Triwizard Tournaments held in the state.


The biggest annual Australian tournament is the QUAFL Cup held annually in November/December, which crowns the national champion for that year. The 2015 QUAFL cup will be held in Melbourne.

QUAFL Cup Champions:

Midwinter Cup

The Midwinter cup is held annually in Newcastle featuring both teams from NSW and interstate. The 2014 winners were the UNSW Snapes on a Plane. In 2015, the tournament was won by the hosts, The Newcastle Fireballs. In 2016, an Australian National University and Sunshine Coast University collaboration team, The ANUSC Dement-Owls defeated The Newcastle Fireballs in the grand final to claim the Midwinter cup.

Melbourne Mudbash

The Melbourne Mudbash is held annually in the middle of the year in Melbourne. Local teams are joined by interstate teams and teams composed of mercenary players. In 2013 the Melbourne Manticores came out on top of the four local and two other teams competing, and in 2014 the Monash Muggles were the best of the six local and four other teams to compete.


Currently, the majority of teams affiliated with Australian Quidditch Association are university teams. Current official teams competing at the 2015 QUAFL Cup were:

  • Flinders Fantastic Beasts (Flinders University)
  • Glenelg Gargoyles
  • Adelaide Augureys
  • University of New South Wales Snapes on a Plane
  • Macquarie Marauders (Macquarie University)
  • Monash University Muggles
  • University of Technology Sydney Opaleyes
  • Queensland University of Technology Lycans
  • Wrackspurts Quidditch Club
  • University of Western Sydney Thestrals
  • Blackburn Basilisks
  • University of Sydney Unspeakables
  • South Melbourne Centaurs Quidditch Club
  • Wollongong Warriors
  • USC Dementors (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Newcastle Fireballs
  • Melbourne Manticores
  • Australian National University Nargles
  • Melbourne Unicorns
  • La Trobe University Trolls
  • Perth Phoenixes
  • National team

    The Australian National Team 'The Drop Bears' competed at the IQA Global Games in 2012 and 2014, coming third and second respectively. In 2016 the Australian Dropbears beat America 150-130 to win the World Cup in Germany.


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