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ATC code  M01CB04 (WHO)
CAS Number  12192-57-3
CAS ID  12192-57-3
Bioavailability  0%
Molar mass  392.181 g/mol
Aurothioglucose FileAurothioglucose2Dskeletalpng Wikimedia Commons
AHFS/  Consumer Drug Information
Routes of administration  Intramuscular injection
Synonyms  Gold thioglucose, Solganal, Auromyose

Aurothioglucose, also known as gold thioglucose, is a chemical compound with the formula AuSC6H11O5. This derivative of the sugar glucose was formerly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.


Aurothioglucose Glentham Life Sciences GK8154 Aurothioglucose hydrate 12192573


Aurothioglucose USP Reference Standards A

Throughout history, gold was used to cure diseases, although the efficacy was not established. In 1935, gold drugs were reported to be effective for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Although many patients reacted positively to the drug, gold thioglucose was not uniformly effective.

Aurothioglucose What does AUROTHIOGLUCOSE mean Definition of AUROTHIOGLUCOSE

Three gold drugs remain in active clinical use for this purpose in the United States: auranofin, sodium aurothiomalate (gold sodium thiomalate) and aurothioglucose. In the United Kingdom, only sodium aurothiomalate and auranofin are used.

Aurothioglucose Aurothioglucose Wikipedia

In 2001, aurothioglucose was withdrawn from the Dutch market, where it had been the only injectable gold preparation available since 1943, forcing hospitals to change medication for a large number of patients to aurothiomalate. The drug had been in use for more than 70 years, and four years later the reasons for its sudden disappearance remained unclear.

Medicinal chemistry

Aurothioglucose AurothioglucoseGold thioglucoseCAS 12192573 Buy Aurothioglucose

Gold thioglucose features gold in the oxidation state of +I, like other gold thiolates. It is a water-soluble, non-ionic species that is assumed to exist as a polymer. Under physiological conditions, an oxidation-reduction reaction leads to the formation of metallic gold and sulfinic acid derivative of thioglucose.

Aurothioglucose Aurothioglucose hydrate 96 titration SigmaAldrich2 AuSTg → 2 Au + TgSSTg TgSSTg + H2O → TgSOH + TgSH 2 TgSOH → TgSO2H + TgSH Overall: 2 H2O + 4 AuSTg → 4 Au + TgSO2H + 3 TgSH

(where AuSTg = gold thioglucose, TgSSTg = thioglucose disulfide, TgSO2H = sulfinic acid derivative of thioglucose)


Aurothioglucose Aurothioglucose Wikipedia

Gold thioglucose can be prepared by treating gold bromide with thioglucose solution saturated with sulfur dioxide. Gold thioglucose is precipitated with methanol and recrystallized with water and methanol.

Miscellaneous observations

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In recent research, it was found that injection of gold thioglucose induces obesity in mice. Aurothioglucose has an interaction with the antimalarial medication hydroxychloroquine.


Aurothioglucose Wikipedia

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